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Did you see the movie Sweeney Todd and did you like it?

Asked by marinelife (62440points) June 15th, 2008

I recently saw Sweeney Todd. It had a great cast with some of my favorites: Alan Rickman, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and good acting. On the other hand, it was so bleak, and there were almost no redeeming characters except the young man and the damaged Joanna, who had doom written all over her. I can’t say I liked the film, bu it has stuck in my head for a week.

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I loved for what it was.

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I haven’t seen it, but I have a friend who did. For the most part, he enjoyed it, and said that for a live action disney movie it wasn’t so bad. The only thing that bugged him was how obviously fake he thought the blood was, and he couldn’t not think about it during the movie…

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I agree about the blood, but I think that the fake look was totally intentional and necessary. I wouldn’t have been able to stand it otherwise…
It wasn’t intended to be a horror movie.

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I liked it, I can’t believe Depp had that voice either, and he was only taking voice lessons for several months, impressive stuff.

I’m not sure but I thought it was a pretty well, intriguing really, I’m not a fan of gruesome movies, but this was not one at all, it had a very easy to follow plot. I dunno, I liked it, my friends and I came out of the place singing the damn songs!

As for the blood, I’m 99.999999% sure they made it fake looking to get that insane contrast between the darks and that bright red.

Whats funny is if you have the DVD and watch the making of film and how they did the blood etc its insane the mechanical work, but what caught my eye is how bright the set was when they filmed it, it was like the sunniest summer day when they filmed it all with bright lights on top of that, and just stacked filters on the camera.

In the end, good movie.

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haven’t seen it, don’t have plans to see it

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@XCNuse About the songs. I have known that score for ages and had recordings of Pretty Women and Nothing’s Gonna Harm You, which I have been known to sing around the house. I do no think after seeing them in context in the show that I can ever sing them again.

I guess I have to say it was a compelling film, but I don’t think I can use the word good.

@delirium Also, I usually eschew violence in films so I was glad it was cartoonish (as cartoonish as slit throats can be) too.

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it was not very good. depp and ryder phone it in and seem umotivated throughout the film. johanna and the kid are duds too. and sacha baron cohen is miscast. the controversial blood is an attempt at theatricality that missed the mark. the art direction is great, but over all the movie lacks coherence and left me unsatisfied.

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I loved the film. One of my favourite recently.

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Forget the movie. Listen to the original Broadway soundtrack with the great Angela Lansbury and Len Cariou. The music made the story – like a good opera.

Depp and Ryder – shudder.

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Yes it was good. scary but good.

I started watching it with my friend, but when the first cut happened, we turned it off. Then I tried it again and it was pretty good. the first cut was the deepest

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I loved it. It actually is all connected to an old play on Broadway as Gail said, and Tim Burton made it into a movie. They music was one of my favorite parts.

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I loved it.Johnny Depp singing and somewhat emo?Damn,you have to admit,that’s hot.

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