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Can this computer record minecraft?

Asked by 8magnum8 (121points) May 14th, 2013 from iPhone

I wanted to start a minecraft channel and I was wondering if this computer could record minecraft with 40fps or more
Here’s the pc:

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I highly doubt it could do so, especially not at 40 FPS.

Pentium D is old! You probably want something less than 7 years old; something within the last 5 generations.

That graphics card is just….. there are no faily-friendly words I can use to describe it.

80GB hard drive…. technically usable, but I have almost that much storage on my keychain. And by “usable” I mean it’s enough to run Minecraft and your recorder, but you will need additional storage if you plan to actually store your recorded video.

Oh, and $140 is a little steep for something like that. Even if it would meet your needs, it’s overpriced. I recently picked up an old P4 with comparable power and graphics, and more than 6 times the storage for under $100.

Odds are that the PC you are posting from is newer and more powerful than the rig in that link.

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I think I could probably make that rig record Minecraft at 40fps, but I wouldn’t attempt it other than as a stunt.
I think the 6-year-old laptop on which I’m writing this could do it along with all the other things it’s doing right now (browser, system monitor, 2 terminals and chat client) without a noticeable lag. As @jerv notes, whatever PC you are using now is not only likely to be much more powerful than the rig in the link, it probably has enough power to do the recording while you browse and do normal computer things- provided the machine is 5 years old or newer.

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The rig I have right now is a ten year is an old hp compaq 6400 laptop, so no it can’t record minecraft at 40 fps but play it at 40 fps, if I record it it drops to like 15.

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According to Passmark, it is. Your laptops CPU (Core Duo T2300) scores a 772 while that 3 GHz Pentium D only scores 660. You won’t go faster with a computer that’s notably less powerful than what you already have.

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Alright good to know, what website did you get that info from? @jerv

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Does anyone know of a good computer that will record minecraft that’s under $340 USD, or is that impossible? @rexacoracofalipitorius @jerv

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Not impossible, but tricky, especially if you want a system that has a “normal case so that you can upgrade the video card… which you will probably want to do at some point.

It generally requires a sale, so timing is everything. For instance, this A4–3420 system is on sale for $295, but if you wait too long, it will go back up to ~$400. The A4–3420 is about 2½ times as powerful as your current system, and the integrated graphics (Radeon HD 6410) are a few times better as well.

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If you live in or near a large city you can often score some good deals. Look for computer recyclers that also have a store. If you are lucky you can get a decent case and power supply for $50 or so, and then shop newegg or similar sites for parts and build your own- if you are willing to do that. Building a system isn’t terribly hard, but it’s a somewhat nitpicky process, and if something goes wrong you then have to diagnose it and wait a few weeks for an RMA part. It might be more effort and complexity than you want to deal with.
With that said, I built my current system for an outlay of less than $300— but I already had case, power, and hard disk.

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