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Why can't I make this usb drive bootable?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) September 24th, 2010

I’m using usb creator, trying to make a bootable pen drive for an eeepc.
When I open the program and browse for the iso file, the option “make startup disc” isn’t even clickable
(as a matter of fact one of the two iso files i’ve downloaded doesn’t even appear in the top list when I select it….. but the other does..)

Please help, quite an emergency.
Note: I am an amateur in this field, but I’m trying my best, so…. go easy on me ;)

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Can I ask what OS you are using? If you are trying to make a bootable linux then you can use that application will create the bootable key for you. Just select your ISO and go.

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I don’t know what an eeepc is, so my answer may not be much help.

But if the device (the eeepc) doesn’t allow for a boot from the USB, then there’s no way to accomplish what you want.

On most PCs, the choices are between a floppy drive (rare, these days), the hard drive or a CD-ROM drive. I haven’t seen any PCs that are bootable via USB, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

You’d need to enter the SETUP program for the device and change the “Boot Order” to include the USB drive, if that’s an option for the device.

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@Anatelostaxus I don’t have any experince with the software you use, but may I sugest looking at the help documentation on their website.

I second @mrlaconic‘s idea, and i sugest using Universal USB Installer.

And a note to @CyanoticWasp: most PCs now a days will boot from USB without any extra input from the user, and almost all will boot from USB by pressing a button during post (on my computer it is the “escape” button) that will let you select your boot drive.

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Another vote for Universal USB Installer here.

@CyanoticWasp All of the computers I’ve acquired that were built after about 2005 could boot from USB Flash drives. The only computers I’ve had that couldn’t eitehr were too old to even have USB except for one (built in 2003) that could boot from pretty mush any USB device except for Flash drives. Of course, Flash drives were rare when that PC was built…

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I’m not sure but it might perhaps be that you first need to empty the drive. You can install Gparted/GNOME Partition Editor to format it to make it empty.

The Eee PC should be able to boot from USB though.

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Have you tried unetbootin ?
Also, sometimes the option “make startup disc” isn’t even clickable because you need to select a partition on your usb drive, which means clicking another option under “Disk to use:”

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