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Ever been locked out of Facebook?

Asked by filmfann (52332points) May 16th, 2013

This morning while bored at work, I decided to try and log into Facebook using my mobile phone.
Even though I used the correct password on the first try, Facebook had security concerns, and asked me to identify some friends from pictures. After identifying 5 correctly, I started having trouble, because the pictures were not of friends, but things like smiling flowers or funny quotes that people posted.
When i got home, I found they have locked my Facebook account. I changed the password, and sent them an explanation of what happened, and the webpage promised my access would return in a few minutes.
It has been 6 hours.
Has this ever happened to you?
How long does the reset take?

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Never happened to me. Ok well I’ve had to do security questions in the past? For logging into a computer at school but nothing that extreme.

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No and I’d be screwed! I can’t remember what avatars people are using and I have people who change their pictures regularly on my FB. Crazy.

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I have. They said that someone tried to hack my account from some other country. I can’t remember how long I was locked out, though.

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“I found they have locked my Facebook account”

Lucky you.

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It happened to my husband’s account. We were traveling and he tried to access his account from the WiFi in the hotel. It did the photo thing, but the only people in the photos were very children we know, including our granddaughter and nieces. I think it gave you an option of some sort to not choose that particular person to let FB select another photo for you to ID. He said BS when it was only young children we know coming up in the photos he was being asked to ID. When we got home later in the week, he could log into FB.

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I got back in after 13 hours.
I don’t use FB that much, but this has been an odd week, where I have reconnected with an old friend, and we have been catching up, so this came at a bad time.
Thanks everyone. Lurve all around.

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I “deleted” my Facebook account a few years ago. I’ve been locked out ever since.
Somehow I’ve managed to survive without it.

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