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Do you have a recipe that uses pickles?

Asked by YARNLADY (46406points) May 16th, 2013

I have some chopped pickles I need to use up. I put them in tuna salad and on hamburgers and hot dogs. Do you have any other suggestions?

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Sour pickles, squish the juice/pulp out atop the spinach salad.

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Do you have enough to turn into relish? Or you could mix with mayo and use as a sandwich topper.

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@WestRiverrat Yes, I bought them to make relish, which I did. As I stated, I use them for sandwich toppers, but I am looking for a meal type recipe.

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When I make potato salad from scratch, I include some sweet pickle relish, but not a lot.

What sort of quantity are you dealing with, and how did you come to have an overstock?

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I asked my husband to pick up some mayo and pickles so I could make relish and such. He went to Smart and Final and got a gallon of each. I made a quart of relish and a couple of pints of tuna mix. I used the mayo on various things so I only have a small amount of that left, but I’m having a hard time using the chopped pickles. I still have more than half left.

Thanks for the potato salad idea, I’m making some tomorrow.

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Tartare sauce (I don’t think that is the way you spell tartare sauce but you know what I mean, the stuff you put on fish!)

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I assume you’re referring to Dill Pickles?

The only kind of pickles I can stand are the Sweet Gherkins or the type called “Bread and Butter Pickles” (also on the sweet side) so I’m not sure this recipe would work with those.

There’s a really good restaurant near me which has a regular rotation of homemade soups. One of them is called Cheeseburger soup. I don’t have specific amounts but it contains chopped beef with onions cheese and pickles in a tomato base. I think it would be easy to figure out the proportions to suit your taste.

I didn’t realize that it contained Dill pickles the first time I tried it but if someone likes their taste, this is a great idea for a soup.

If anyone likes cheeseburgers then they would definitely like this soup. I thought it was a clever idea.

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I would keep them in the fridge for three weeks and then maybe start using them again. You are going to get sick of pickles and never want to eat them again if you eat a whole gallon in a week. LOL. The only thing I put pickles on is a Cuban Sandwich, which is basically like a pressed panini with a rather soft bread with sliced ham, sliced pork, cheese (can be swiss or a more mild cheese) and some mustard. But, that is just another sandwich. For the most part I prefer my pickle on the side.

I did find this meatloaf recipe. This link has a lot more ideas if you want to surf around it.

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Rouladen! It’s tastier than it looks :^)

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Potato salad.

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@JLeslie Thanks, some great ideas there. @rexacoracofalipitorius Anything with bacon has to be good.

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They will keep for a while. That’s part of the point of pickling. You could transfer them to a smaller container so they don’t hog the fridge.

Invite a bunch of people over for a Memorial Day barbecue and provide hot dogs and hamburgers. They’ll go through a lot of chopped pickles.

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You might be able to use them up in a dill pickle soup recipe.

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I tried this recipe after seeing it on DDD on Food Network.

I really liked it a lot.

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They are really good in a potato salad. Cook, peel, and chop the potatoes, add mayonnaise and chopped pickles. Letting some of the pickle juice in also gives it a rather nice flavor.

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@Blueroses – I just cannot imagine pickle soup! Did you really like it???

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You can use a pickle and some brine as a whiskey chaser (aka pickleback).

Also, you could bread them and fry them as an appetizer.

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