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- June 15th, 2008, 08:57 PM?

Asked by Markos (73points) June 15th, 2008

I wonder if this scenario is possible.
I don’t want to pay the $20/month.

I have an iPhone 1.1.4 and its jailbroken. Im giving it to my girlfriend, she have an AT&T Razor, can we just put her SIM card into the iPhone and be able to make/receive calls and just use wifi for anything else?

Thanks in advance, have a nice day all…..


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1. What does the date & time have to do with your question?

2. Use of the iPhone with AT&T requires a specific plan including data. Violate this plan and you’ll have a nice big bill next month.

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This is the most comprehensive FAQ I have found about the 3G iPhone. If it isn’t in there nobody outside of Apple and AT&T knows.

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I dont know why the date & time appeared there, weird….. my bad…..

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Maybe when there is no title for a question?

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ok, maybe…. lets not change the subject.

@ johnpowell – thanks for the link. But, the iphone I have right now is “the old one” (EDGE). Have a link for that too? hehe :)

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See my answer #2.

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Uh….........who cares?

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I know that. I was thinking that it has info about what what to do with your old iPhone in there.

I would say that you are SOL unless you do the SIM unlock on it. But I haven’t heard of people just popping in other SIM cards and having it work.

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Why don’t you contact AT&T customer care? I find the most capable technicians who can help can also be in-store engineers (techs) at the AT&T service centers (not the independent sales franchises, but the actual brick-and-mortar AT&T stores). They have trained techs who can program the iPhone and should be able to answer your question.

In my experience, I had a warranty trade-in of my first iPhone, because of dead/stuck pixels on the screen; I took it in to an Apple Store, and they had to do some programming on the computer before swapping the SIM card out. But I do remember, they were able to transplant the SIM itself. Now, I’m not sure if there are different sizes of SIM cards (there may be), but in any case, they had to program the IMEI into the computer to update the SIM when they initialized my current (replacement) iPhone.

I don’t see why you can’t just ask them up-front. As for the jailbreak status, they don’t really care, except I’d recommend that you first restore the phone (be careful to follow the proper procedure that your jailbreak software dev. indicates for restoring the phone-they vary from software to software).

IAC, it can’t hurt to ask questions prior to taking action.

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