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Questions/Suggestions for new running shoes and can you share some input?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1812points) May 21st, 2013

After last Friday doing about 7.5 mile run and scrapping rocks with my knife from the small crooks in my Nike free runes 3.0 I was thinking it is about time for a new pair of running shoes.

Now I personally got into the whole minimal and barefoot running thing however I kind of went straight into it and boy did it hurt. Really works muscle groups that I never noticed before, but it was just too much on the shins and I am not the lightest guy. Not huge either though.

I decided to go back more regular running shoes and got brooks. Now since then I haven’t really gone back to all the “barefoot” thing if you will. I ended up after retiring my brooks for the Nike free run 3.0.

At first transition was a little rough, but it felt so much more natural like my feet could breath and move more, not clunky and over supportive like the brooks. Eventually majority if not all of pain is gone now, sides from just sucking, ache and muscle soreness. To be expected. I found they were a good mix of having less, but still had some cushion/support.

So all that said I am up in the air as to what to buy next currently it is either stick with the Nike free runs 3.0

OR 2 other shoes I have been looking at are


Altra Zero Drop

I am all open to any suggestions or ideas you have, and if got advice,experiences,etc with running please share!

EDIT: Also do you think at this point could I transition more the barefoot running thing? Is it worth doing? From what I have read it in the long running is suppose to be better for you and prevents injuries.

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I love my Newtons.

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Running used to be so simple, you put on your trusty old converse or keds and just did it! In Australia there is an iconic shoe called Dunlop Volley, it looks like the original Keds and has very little padding and no lift in the heel. I alternate between those and the old reliable Gel Kayana. I think it is a good idea to alternate and I do it pretty much equally between the 2 styles. But I should add that I am old so I am more of a slow steady endurance runner. I rarely push myself out of my comfort zone and that makes a difference in recovery and equipment needed. Did you ever take the “what shoe should I wear” quiz on Maybe that would help you choose.

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@Judi Not familiar with that brand.

@rooeytoo I might give the test a shot, however I do believe in more what feels good for me than what someone might tell me. Of course it is trial and error and can be kind of costly in that sense, but I think I have a better idea of what I want.

And I wouldn’t say I run for competition although I do push myself and run for time, since if I get a certain time I get certain amount points all the way to the point of maxing. Which is very possible however not easy least not for me haha.

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@CuriousLoner – I know what you mean regarding going with what feels good. I actually prefer trail running shoes because they seem to be softer and more forgiving. Anyhow, that test gives you the range of shoes that would fit your specific needs. It is always interesting to see if it agrees with what you like. As I said I like trail running shoes but it never tells me that they are good for me. So I wear them for everyday and as I said, alternate when I run. Let us know what you end up with, I am always curious.

By the way did you ever read the book by Christopher McDougall? It is called “Born to Run, A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World has Ever Seen” it is about an a Mexican tribe who run ultras for the fun of it and wear cut up tires on their feet. It is amusing, and has a lot to say about the theories of running in general and shoe types. I have it on and often listen to it while I am running!

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@rooeytoo Lol says the compression lady.

I have been considering shoes as well and for a while went in the complete opposite direction then you. I have no experience in minimalism though I am interested in it.

I have the suspicion that it is trendy and any comfort or ease of use is merely placebo. But then it could be because I don’t have the money to risk on something I can’t wear and then have to afford a new pair.
I have no insight except that the people I see wearing these wear use them around a month occasionally two months and then I never see them again.

Although if you ask them they their opinion they say they are great.

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