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Do you ever believe you are a vampire?

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) June 16th, 2008

I went to the dentist and what really freaked him out was that my canines were over a centimeter and a half long, and i have 2 other fanged looking teeth on the bottom row.

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Although, if you were actually a vampire, the dentist wouldn’t be able to use his mouth mirror on you!

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He was probably just trying to brighten up his day.

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My girlfriend Jenn thinks I’m a vampire sometimes….

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Wow that’s a nice friend, lol.

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There’s no such a wicked thing.

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Only because I want to sleep all day and am up all night!!!

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Every day I come to terms with the fact that I am an Antitachygraph, which is like being a vampire, only rather than sucking blood- I just suck at typing.

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In New Orleans you see lots of people who think they are Vampires..

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