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Does anyone have dental crowns?

Asked by cheebdragon (18830points) June 16th, 2008 from iPhone

what kind did you get? Have you had any problems with them?
I have to go to dentist in a few hours and I might need to get a crown but I dont know very much about them.

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I’ve several crown and never had a problem. One I had since I was in my teens did crack a few years back, but it was replaced and is fine. I even have a gold one on a back tooth…just for kicks! Good luck and don’t worry.

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You have two options…a crown or an implant. There is a significant difference in price if I remember correctly. The implant was also about a six month process to grow the gum around the “thing” they implant. They do put a temporary in while waiting. I went for the crown which is put over the two teeth beside the one that needs fix. They act like a bridge for the bad tooth. The only downside is that you cannot floss between them anymmore and have to use special dental floss to go under the three teeth.
p.s. my teeth are rotting out of my head!!!!

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I have had several crowns – which are caps put over the stub of one tooth – put on in the last 15 years or so. The process is not terribly painful and they have not been a problem once they are fitted in. Since mine are each only over one tooth, I can floss between them. They have mainly been put on teeth that had big old fillings that had cracked so there was not enough of a tooth left to fill. Nothing to worry about.

P.S. They aren’t cheap but are cheaper than other alternatives.

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@thebesdholder- you have a bridge, not a crown. A crown is only on one tooth. They grind the existing tooth down quite a bit and then, with adhesive, place the crown over it. With luck, it never comes off. I’ve been lucky with mine but know some who have had to go back in and have them reattached. One person I know swallowed his.

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Im thinking maybe the zirconia crowns, because they do look very much like regular teeth and they don’t have a line like the metal infused ones, but insurance won’t cover them so it would be about $750 for each crown. Which is a really good price because another dentist I went to told me they charged $1700 each (thats why I’m going to a new dentist today). Its so fucked up because I made it through 18 years and never had a cavity or braces, none of that stuff most teens have to deal with. But within 2 or 3 months after my son was born (I was 19) i started have problems with my teeth, ; (

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Good luck, cheeb, may it be painless in flesh and in the pocket. (Mine have not given me any problems.)

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Oh, you are right. I don’t have a crown, I have a bridge. My tooth completely cracked, became infected and had to be removed. My bad, cheebdragon.

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and yes, cheeb, pregnancy does strange things to our bodies!

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Not much I can add here that hasn’t already been said… but here’s what I learned when I got mine:

- gold, as a material, is the closest in many physical attributes to your original tooth. It’s got about the same kind of “give” which helps protect the underlying tooth architecture.

- newer, engineered materials can be too hard. While they are closer in appearance they don’t work as well with the underlying components.

- getting the crown is a two step process. 1st) grind down old tooth, make a mold, and apply temporary crown. 2nd) new crown arrives days later, so you go back in to remove the temp and get the permanent one applied.

- halcion is a GREAT drug. A dentist can use it as a forget-agent and it helps knock you out. You need a ride there to the dentist’s office and back, but the actually crowning process is less than a blur.

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I have a couple crowns.

Word of advice: eliminate Jujyfruits & Milk Duds from your diet.

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I have some in the back – formerly teeth with several fillings that finally gave up the ghost. No problems if you use a reputable dentist. Novacaine worked for me; aftereffects were drooling and lisping.

Also avoid stale toffee, caramels, and chewing on ice.

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thank you for all the great answers, I lurve you all! ; )

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I have a crown from when I got a root canal done. I do not know what kind it is but it’s been holding up and I have had no problems with it. You should be fine.

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