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How do you feel when you do the wrong thing?

Asked by Hibernate (9058points) August 24th, 2011

Doesn’t matter what type of situation it is.
How do you feel when you do it? Ashamed? Confused? Sad? Maybe you feel like it’s your fault for not choosing anything else.

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I am so embarrassed and ashamed – it could be anything from a minor flub to a major fuck up. It will follow me for days. Social situations are the worst for me. There are some things I can look back on years later and still feel it like it was yesterday.

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regret, stupid, ashamed, embarrassed.

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I feel wrong.

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The voice of my conscience will no longer allow me not to listen to it. It gets louder and clearer every year.

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Think positive & do it better next time, we only learn from our mistakes :-/
I usually just say “ahhh bollocks” :-/ initially….

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Depends what it is I’ve done.
If I ate my sister’s chocolate bar I’d feel guilty and ashamed and buy her another one.
If I lied to my best friend, I’d feel guilty, ashamed, confused, sad and angry.
If I killed someone, I’d feel like shit. Like I don’t deserve to live.

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Like @Adirondackwannabe said…like shit. When I think of how the other person must be feeling it makes me feel even worse.

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Guilty. But then again I always feel guilty…

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I feel bad until I make amends or, at least, apologize.

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I feel bad, then get over it somehow.

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I have knots in my stomach when I do something that doesn’t feel right. Ugh, it’s a horrible feeling.

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@Sunny2 I am like that too..

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Very quick to apologize, and I try in any way to make the situation “right.”

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If it affects another person I feel the need to apologize to them. I tend to look inward to understand the reasons for my wrong choice. I seek God’s forgiveness & his help not to make that mistake again.

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I get sick in my stomach and, depending on what it is, might obsess about it for a while. If I can make amends, I will try to.

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A pit forms in my stomach, I’m un easy and tense until I do something to fix it.

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I usually feel like I should go in the corner and cry. :’(

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Thanks for replies ^^

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