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How would I go about learning to model?

Asked by Lovegeorgia (1points) June 16th, 2008 from iPhone

I live in melbourne, Australia and I am in high school. Does anybody know how I could learn to model (preferably catwalk-model, not photo)?

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I suppose contacting one of these nice people would be a start.

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hey, you need, first, a big mirror, a big book, then start walking in front of the mirror with ease with the book in your head, that’s a start, first, no shoes, then, flat shoes, and when you feel comfortable, high heels (thank God I didnt have to do the high heels part lol) is not that difficult, you just need to whatch your stap, make your legs look good, your face and your shoulders aligned, you need a lot of grace and feel the attaire you are using, is not the same walking with a mini skirt than with a long cocktail dress… it has to be sensual and powerful yet cautious and full of feminity… if you need more advice let me know, I decided to quit modeling a while ago but, I still have the skills

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Modeling schools are a rip-off; either you can be a model or you can’t and these places just want your money. Runway modeling is shit work that pays little; print work is so much better and pays a lot better. Most runway models are 5’9–5’11 and weigh 100–120 lbs. If you do not fit within these parameters then you won’t be able to runway model (you have to be able to fit into the sample sizes, which are ridiculously anorexically small). Modeling is not glamorous or fun and involves a lot of hard work and little or no guarantees of success/fame/money.
If you want to be a model look up agencies in the largest city near you and contact them to see if they have open calls or if you can send in pictures/measurements to them. They will be able to tell you whether or not you have the right look and measurements.
I am a model right now, and most of the models I know work 2 or 3 other jobs to support themselves and are just using modeling to get connections to other things (acting, for example). Most models careers are essentially over by their early 20s so it’s important not to rely on it as a career.

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I recently e-mailed a modeling agency that is located near me they emailed me back and requested a picture. They also offer a work shop. But I warn you its expensive. The work shop I am thinking of taking is like $750. Its a all summer work shop that gives full training in modeling and commercials.

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@ Kay
You are so right! been there, done that :S

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You have to act like the camera is not there, you should practice walking on a straight line everyday for equilibrum. You should see all your great qualities and flaws in the mirror, accept the flaws and take advantage of your good qualities by practicing poses in a mirror, gesture smile etc… until you feel confident to strut your stuff. I know it all, because I was a model when I was a teen

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