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Do home remedies really work to maintain healthy hair...?

Asked by piyu (1points) June 16th, 2008

Many a times when i have hair fall… my granny scolds me saying that it happens so all because i dont apply coconut oil….according to her it is natural and so benefits your hair making it longer and stronger….whereas my mom experiements with things like lemon, egg, coconut oil with other ingredients…does it really help ????

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Don’t know about eggs and lemons and other goop, but I do know that since I started using Paul Mitchell products, my barber noticed.
Her exact words were “What are you using in your hair? It is so much healthier, mijo.”
For what it’s worth- Paul mitchell clean/conditioner, and sculpting foam instead of gel.
I wish I’d found them ten years ago.

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I use coconut oil, and yes it is good for making hair longer/stronger and softer. I have heard about the eggs too, but I would not be able to bring myself to try that out.

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My hair is also coming out in the shower. And the temples are almost vacant. I took maxi-hair supplement some time ago and it helped the temples fill in a little. I need to buy some more of the maxi- hair. I also make sure i rinse the shampoo and conditioner very well from my hair so my pours (sp) do not get clogged. I read and tried apple cider vingegar… gross. I love the smell of coconuts….....maybe I should use coconut oil as the above post mentioned. I just need to stop my hair from falling out (heredtary)

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I no longer use either a brush or comb on my hair. While it is damp, I put a little Aveeno Pro curling cream on it and fluff with fingers. It helps that hair is curly and wavy and on the wild side. On a showerless day, I spritz hair with water and then do as described above.

As a teen-ager, before the days of cream rinse, I used to squeeze a lemon into a cup of warm water and run that thru my hair, and then rinse in shower.


(Try a multi-vitamin and perhaps a D3 supp.) And think about whether you feel stressed>

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