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Should physicians have links on their Facebook to bikini clad women?

Asked by Aster (19540points) June 10th, 2013

A doctor I know, a Board Certified urologist, is a serious, brilliant doctor and surgeon I highly respect who is about in his late forties or slightly older and married. I was fiddling around on Facebook and noticed he has a link to a page filled with half naked , young women in bikinis. What do you think of this? What would be his reasons for doing it knowing that people in our town would most likely see them ? I’m not condemning him at all; I’m just wondering why he would do that and what you think of it.

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Can you link it so we can make a more informed opinion?

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haha. No; I’ve said all that anyone needs to know.

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Poor judgment?

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@glacial yes; that’s a possibility. It also has videos of bikini models. lol

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I’m inclined to agree with @glacial, very poor judgment…they were only half naked, poor show doc :)

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Even though I don’t Facebook much, I’ve got one for friends and one for “professional” use. It’s good to see people’s humanity, but there are boundaries, just as there is between work life and personal life.

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He’s a Uro. It’s part of the ED therapy his practice offers.

Or maybe his daughter is the third one on the left..

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If it’s his personal page, I don’t see why not. If it’s a professional page, that’s a different story.

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One word: Ewww!

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I am thinking he doesn’t realize that everyone can see what pages he “likes.”

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Is this his personal page or his professional page? Does he give his personal page information to his patients? Can they find the page easily?

It sounds like poor judgement to me too however, if it’s his personal page and he keeps it separate from his work, it’s his business. If there is crossover or the potential for crossover people, his patients, are likely to see it and may be less than impressed.

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Yeah, that’s bad form. I’m very careful about what I post on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter

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Could it have been posted by a virus? That sounds bizarre to me. I would think that he would know better than to post young women in bikinis.

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It is his personal page. Nothing medical about it.

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@Cupcake It was there two years ago and still is there along with a link to a website promoting beer. This guy has, at least at work, not a shred of rock n roll to his personality.

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