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Some progress is better than no progress. What's your milestone? (part 11)

Asked by Espiritus_Corvus (17294points) June 20th, 2013

This is the continuation of a string begun by Jeruba on February 8, 2009. Since then, it has been continued by DpWorkin, Jillthetooth, and Augustlan. Sometime in 2011, it seems to have dropped by the wayside. Not a bad run. Well, it’s back now and I hope to see many old contributors, but especially the creative new people who have joined Fluther since 2011. Below is the description of the thread as originally stated by Jeruba:

Let’s come here, those who so choose, once a week to register our progress on the project of our choice. Words written, paintings finished, photos processed, goals met? Let’s share accomplishments and cheer one another on. (You can bookmark this page.) Post the date and time, please.

Time and date stamp is important if we are to follow our progress together. The easiest time-date stamp is 20130620, for today, 20 June, 2013. Start from the year, the largest measurement of time we use in dates to the smallest measure of time. For the OCD types this would read 20130620.05:38.44 ad infinitum. Simply be sure to use two digits for month, day and time or it can be confusing.

See THIS for an example of how the old string went.

This is in Social in order to encourage meaningful discussion, because after all, we are a community. Welcome all. I hope we have a good run.

And timestamp, please.

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Sounds like work to me.

Please excuse me….


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I finally had my top-surgery, 12 days ago. There have been complications and full recovery is going to be very slow, but aside from that I am pleased with the result. Looking forward to next summer, when the scars will have faded and I’ll be comfortable baring my chest to go swimming in public, for the first time in many many years.

Oh and I have launched my very own blog: Transitionally Speaking


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Yea. @downtide! Sorry about the complications, but I am glad you are happy with the results!

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Monday afternoon I was thrown out of my job like so much disposable office furniture, in order to mitigate lost profits due to some obviously poor business decisions made by the owners of the company.

Now, I’m trying to find a way to support my family without going back to a cubicle and collect a regular paycheck while waiting for my next chance to be tossed out with the trash. I’m digging in to my hobbies, and hoping to make them profitable.

I’ve applied for a couple of part-time jobs as well, one for marketing for what is most likely a porn website, and the other for teaching painting at a local BYOB painting studio (Think Painting with a Twist).

Also, would love to find a way to get the holy royal hell out of the state of Florida. Colorado is the target, but I’ll take anywhere with a decent job market and a less uber-conservative population.

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@Seek_Kolinahr so sorry to hear about your job situation. I hope something good comes along soon.

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I’ve just reached a huge milestone in my life; I graduated high school earlier this month! I am already preparing to go off to college this fall, and I couldn’t be more excited! I have my potential roommate picked out, I’ve made a few friends who will be joining me in the fall, I’ve picked up the book for the required summer reading for the Honors College, and I’ve already begun buying things for my dorm room! It’s a very exciting time in my life, and aside from not really getting along with my dad much lately, I’m in a pretty constant good mood! I’m just enjoying the summer and eagerly awaiting move-in day. :-)

@Seek_Kolinahr I’m really sorry to hear about that, I’m sending my best wishes that things begin to go your way soon!

@downtide Congratulations on your surgery! I wish you a painless recovery, I’m happy for you!

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I’m living in a national park for the next 1.5 months and hiking miles and miles every day. Basking in the fact that I can do things like this now. Life here is busy, gorgeous, sociable, and just altogether awesome. I’m gonna be in the best shape of my life when I leave here.

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@downtide: I’m sorry to hear about your complications. I hope everything heals up soon!!

@Seek_Kolinahr: How awful. I am very sorry that you were fired. I hope you can find some work around you, and good luck finding a way out of Florida.

20130621: Yesterday, had my appointment at the French consulate for a visa. It was stressful as all hell to prepare for this, and took a couple of months, but the appointment itself went swimmingly. The goal is to do a year of historical research for my dissertation…which is on a topic that academics and outsiders recognize as interesting and important, and to which I am passionately committed. I’m leaving for France in a little over a month, so I sure hope I get that visa O_o

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Hey, hey hey… laid off. I’m awesome and they know it, they just can’t afford me anymore because the company is going tits-up.

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@Seek_Kolinahr : I apologize. I do understand the difference. It was my fault for Fluthering pre-caffeine. Do you think that you could get good references from the company if you need them?

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They’ve promised glowing recommendations, but nothing in the inbox yet.

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That’s wonderful!

In what park are you living?

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Thanks for reviving this thread @Espiritus_Corvus!

@downtide Hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly. The blog is great!
@Seek_Kolinahr Fingers crossed for you. :)
@mangeons Love you, girlie. I’m going to miss you so much!
@Mariah Sounds lovely. Enjoy!
@bookish1 Sending positive visa-vibes your way. France or bust!

20130621: Working nearly all the time now, but I’m really enjoying all the work I’m doing. Mr. Augustlan and I have made significant progress toward making earning more, trying to dig ourselves out of a financial black pit. It’s still not enough, but we’re getting there.

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Talking about progress—for many years you may have noticed posts saying I am going to get back involved in music…Well, YetanotherSO has asked me to compose some music to accompany her recorded meditations. It’s a huge undertaking, her meditations sometimes run 20–40 minutes, so it’s not like putting together a cute 3-minute tune with catchy lyrics. that’s challenging enough. Each of these meditations has to be conducive to meditation, with a melody that remains interesting, but does not draw attention to itself. I’ve got four melodies I’m working with, and it seems each meditation wants to be a separate movement of the collective work. One of the challenges is to expand the melody and variations without becoming a distraction to the meditation process. I’ll keep you updated.


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This morning was magic. The mainsail popped into fullness halfway up the mast and all 42 feet of this vessel sprang forward like a steed wound tight for the hunt. The wind is perfect, freshening from the east.

I unloaded my passenger at Basse Terre (Guadeloupe) who treated me to breakfast at a nice little workingman’s restaurant at the docks while my water supply was replenished and the fuel tank was topped off. I raised my mainsail for Martinique. I’ll sail about 30 miles SE to Dominica, and ride along her steep, rocky coastline south to for the next day or so. I should arrive at Chateau Dubuc about late Sunday, depending on the weather. There is a broker there who needs a vessel taken to a sailing school at Kingstown, St. Vincent. It’s a big, beamy Morgan, easy to sail, but hell in deep rolling seas. It will be a matter of threading the needle between the links of that endless chain of tropical storms thundering toward us from the African coast.

For months now I’ve fought going back home to work . I usually stay out until the start of hurricane season in June, but this year I’ve been out almost nine months with no plans for return. On December 4th, it will be a year. So, this week I hit a milestone—I decided to not go home. I’m staying down here and taking my chances and have begun spending the nest egg I usually keep stateside: my re-start fund.

So, I’m burning the bridge. I realized the other night that if I can make enough money to stay afloat for the next eighteen months I can take early retirement—those few pennies I will get every month for 43 years of paying anywhere from 9% to 12% of every paycheck into the Social Security retirement insurance fund . The same fund that these days is being called an “entitlement” by American politicians—the same politicians who will get full federal retirement and free lifetime healthcare for only 4 year’s work as the elected representatives of the people who they work so libidinously to screw.

The return on my 43 year’s investment won’t be much, but it spends a lot better down here. In the meantime, I’m learning how to make a living with this boat. Anyway, I can’t go back. One look at the newspapers online and I realize I’d have to be crazy to subject myself to that society again. I’ve worked among the unnecessary carnage in the ER, with the homeless in the tent camps, read of the horrible crimes in the paper every morning, felt the sick yet understandable paranoia among the middle classes and the anger from all classes combined, and I don’t want to be part of it anymore. Honestly, I would rather be dead than stand there and hold my finger in that crumbling dike. This is what it feels like to be old and tired, I guess.

I especially don’t like what has happened to my profession, in that wasteful patchwork they call a healthcare system where the focus has been taken off the patient and onto the bottom line, where whole regional hospital systems have been bought by insurance companies and for a long time now the elephant in the room has been the resultant conflict of interest. Fuck that. I’d rather take my chances out here with real sharks. I downloaded the film Crash the other night. It reminded me of home. I can’t go back to that shit.

Funny. I’ve found that boats are like money and tatoos. At a certain point, you can’t get enough. This 42-footer was enough for only one season before I saw a 66-foot Pearson motorsailer glide by with two jet skis dangling off her transom davits where the dinghy was supposed to be. Love at first sight. But I would have to sell my soul for it. I would be captain of a magnificent vessel, but I would no longer be my own captain (and before long I’d find myself working stateside to pay for it and have no time to sail her). Like so many fine yachts, she would sit idle in a marina while her owner slaves away to pay her mortgage, slip rent and insurance and, like a mistress, only visit her surreptitiously at night or on the weekends. This vessel is paid for and she is a good one that handles well solo in a storm. She is a fine craft that repeatedly reminds me through her ownership papers the danger of coveting others.

I figure by the time she becomes unseaworthy, so will I. The kidneys aren’t what they used to be and they found an aortic aneurism last winter. I’m not sure if I want to be laid out like a lobster to have it fixed. That’s a lot of muscle they have to go through and a long recovery. So, this is probably my last sailboat and I will keep patching her until the end, whether it come by storm or senility.

The wind is up, blowing hard from the east, and I’m riding on my starboard gunnels like a Hobiecat. I have to get out there, reef the mainsail and get her further out to the east so I won’t find myself on Dominican rocks tonight. It is time to get offline and pay attention to what is really happening.

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@Espiritus_Corvus You have just succeeded in turning me greener (with envy) than I have ever been in my 65 years! “Fair winds and following seas” to you!

btw, is your avatar a sea eagle?

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@Espiritus_Corvus I think I love you. May the winds be in your favor.

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Ooops. The above was written yesterday, 20130912

Today is Friday the 13th, 2013.
@Yetanotheruser Thank you. Yes, it is the Osprey, or Fish Hawk, or Sea Eagle, depending on where you live. I took that avatar after I went to sea—long after I took the name Spirit(s) of the Crow, so it really doesn’t make much sense. In order to change my name I have to abandon the account and I don’t want to do that. So, I have a crow’s name with an Osprey for an avatar.

@augustlan Thank you, as well. You may not believe this, but I think of you now and then worrying that you thought that I had forgotten my promise to write you updates during my return trip to Florida. That is not the case at all. The return trip just never happened. I want to post some photos, but I must find a public site that will allow me to retain full copyright and that is proving to be difficult. I think you would find the photos of some of the places down here incredible.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Crow medicine is till very strong on the water!

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The raven is the trickster so it makes sense you’d have a picture of another bird!

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I’m making progress on my above-mentioned project. I have one 17-minute piece recorded! I have another 16-minute piece in the final arrangement phase, and I’ll probably record it next time I have an uninterrupted 3-hour block of time.


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Well, it’s been a month (as opposed to a week!), and I’m still working on the music project. I haven’t done the final mix on the second piece yet, but it is still ready, waiting for that lo-o-ong block of time. In the meantime I have finished one meditation piece that is a whopping 43 minutes in length!


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Wow, 43 minutes? Great job, @Yetanotheruser!

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I’ve noticed that writing music is unblocking the muse to write songs. I’ve mixed two of them down, and have a set of lyrics for the third one. Obviously, it’s not going to be so much a meditation, but it’ll be the song I promised my wife over 25 years ago!


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Finally got two songs through the final mix and burned down to a CD, which I presented to my wife as part of her Holiday Gift.


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I took my paintings into the shop today to be mounted, which I was nervous about and got the rip taken out of me because I hadn’t sized them properly. However, I took them in, which was a major achievement. Now I just need to get over the nasty comment, and move on, but feel like never painting again at the moment.

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@nebule I’ve seen your paintings. Never give that up!

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@augustlan thank you hunny I’m working on getting my mojo back xx

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@nebule do you have any images online?

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only on my facebook profile at the moment…I’m working on a website. But I’ll upload a recent painting as my avatar for a bit

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That’s a marvelous painting that I see in your avatar. You were just the recipient of an outburst from an anally-small mind.

It’s like yelling at DaVinci for putting one of his works on the wrong easel or berating Eric Clapton for standing in the wrong spot on a stage.

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Awww @Brian1946 thank you, your comments have made me feel a lot more valued x And you have inspired me to get back to the canvas this afternoon, when all my other jobs are done. I have got to write some narrative for a piece of artwork I’ve done that is going to be shown in an exhibition entitled “Nothing But The Truth”, which is about the relationships pen-friends have with people they write to on death row. And I have some studies to do today, but once they’re done I will paint. Thank you again for your encouraging words x

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