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T-shirt design suggestions for an event?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (687points) December 16th, 2013

I have organized a flag football game on the first Saturday of the year for the past nine years. It’s grown to almost 40 guys and includes a soundtrack, referees, trophies and chili afterwards. It’s call the Snowbowl and because this is the 10th year, I’ve been thinking about T-shirts. I would love the T-shirts to be cool and fun, but not necessarily comical. I’m also trying to think of a tagline that is witty or funny. Any suggestions on a design or a tagline for this event? My roommate is a cartoonist and is fairly capable of drawing many a thing. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!!

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Sounds like a fun event! How about something like this:

10th Annual Snowbowl 2014
<Insert whatever picture/logo you choose here>
We came, we flagged, we conquered.

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“I’ve been playing flag football for ten years and all I’ve got is this lousy T-shirt.”

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Snowbowl…much more fun than a rosé bowl.

Snowbowl…it’s so much more than just a bowl full of snow.

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Reach for the Sky or don’t even try.
Defend till the End.
We Don’t Make Excuses… We Make Plays.

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I agree with @augustlan that it’s gotta have 10th Annual Snowbowl 2014 above the graphic and a catchy tag-line below.

How about “Snowbowl Play-Maker, Can I Make a Play for You?

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10th Annual SNOW BOWL!
(logo of snowman with Vince Lombardi trophy made of snow)
Come have a ball while we freeze ours off.

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I was thinking along the lines of snowmen too, but instead of one, a team, maybe in huddle. If any of your players have noteable characteristics such as a favorite hat, sweatbands, mutton chops, just enough of those traits to make the snowmen recognizable.
Great Guys
Great Plays
Great Chili

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To expound on @Buttonstc ‘s idea:
10th Annual Snowbowl 2014
“Not just a bowl of snow”.

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Picture of Edward Snowden playing tag football.

10th Annual Snow den Bowl
Making plays for the greater good.
(In one of these fonts.)

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Ten Years
One Game
10th Annual

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design a helmet that looks like a bowling ball with a snow cone on top of it.

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