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What can you do if your iphone gets stolen?

Asked by Thesilvertiger (264points) June 17th, 2008

have you ever been in this situation? and if so what did you do?

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well if you have an old iphone ( the new iphone 3g comes out in july) you have to go to att and get it deactivated but if you are getting the 3g they have a new feature where they can remotely wipe it clean of all information. and if you have a warranty on it they should replace it.

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I would call the phone and pretend that I lost it. Then I would offer a reward. The person might be more willing to meet you and return it for some money if they think that you think that you lost it.

What you decide to do after you meet with the person is up to you.

If you can’t get in touch with the person after a few hours I would call and have them turn off the phone.

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Unless you get it back from the person who has it, there is no protection from losing it or having it stolen.

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I’ve got insurance through my mobile provider so if I break it, lose it or it gets stolen I get a new one in 48hrs! Good for piece of mind!

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I lost my iphone about 4 months ago. I tried calling and texting the phone to offer a reward (I would have bought them a new one just for finding mine) but they soon either turned off the phone or pulled the SIM. After that, I got online with AT&T and reported it lost/stolen which suspends your phone service. Be sure and get online and reset any passwords that you had set up (IMAP/POP email, iTunes, Facebook) so the theif can’t access it. After that, there is really nothing you can do. Bummer, I know.

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