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What is your favorite outdoor cooking appliance, and why?

Asked by Suspicious_Chihuahua (46points) June 28th, 2013

I’ve used gas grills and I’ve used Weber kettle grills with briquettes, but have since switched to the Big Green Egg and have no plans to ever look back. My wife laughed, called me silly, and called it just another grill, but starting with cook #1 she and my kids are absolutely hooked.

What type of grill/smoker do you use, and why?

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We have the Primo XL grill – it’s a ceramic kamado like the BGE, but even larger and made in the USA. We got it 2 years ago and love it. However, we both work and have long commutes, so we don’t use it as much as we like for long, slow and low projects.

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@hearkat I’ve heard great things about Primo. I’m just a huge fan of kamado cookers!

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I’ve had a Big Green Egg for 8 years, pizzas, pork shoulder, steaks, chicken drumsticks, rib roasts, leg of lamb and lots of roasted vegetables. Not all at the same time.

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I cooked on Weber kettles for years. Then my wife bought me a Primo XL for Christmas one year. I didn’t have a clue what it was, nor had I thought about smoking anything since my college days! It took me a while to get a feel for it, but now I love it for low and slow meat like pulled pork. Since then, I bought a cheap gasser for quick stuff, and the Weber sits in the corner collecting cobwebs.

I love my Primo with a DigiQ controller.

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Fish & chip shop.

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@bossob – I use my Egg for pretty much everything. Hell, I’ll even fire it up for dogs because I just love using it and I love the flavors that lump charcoal provides. I thought, ever so briefly, about getting a cheap gasser for the quick stuff, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Well, that and my family would kill me for grilling on something else. :-)

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@Suspicious_Chihuahua – I find that one down-side to the Primo XL is that it doesn’t light as quickly as the cylindrical-shaped kamados, because it doesn’t have that chimney shape. We use a chimney coal starter but it still takes a while.

@bossob – is the DigiQ made for the Primo? Do you have a link for more information?

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I love grilling with charcoal. I love the flavor it imparts. Have never tried the big green egg.

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@hearkat I start mine with one of these; takes less than two minutes.

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@bossob- 2 minutes for what?
– for the XL to be up to temperature?
Regardless, we can’t have propane in our complex – one of the reasons we opted for a kamado.

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