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I was robbed at gunpoint in my own home the other night. Can I ask for a small loan from my aunts?

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5677points) June 28th, 2013

I’ll try to be brief and objective as I can about this.

A couple of nights ago my boyfriend brought me home from work and we noticed an unfamiliar car parked outside his parent’s house. (We’ve been staying with them in Ecuador for a few months and are going back to NYC in 10 days.)

We didn’t think much of it since they frequently entertain guests but thought it was strange that the door was wide open. Upon entering we see five guys wearing black disguises, Kevlar vests, and carrying knives and semiautomatic weapons. One of them puts a gun to our backs and holds us hostage in the kitchen with the rest of his family and some of their friends. I’m scared but act calm even as the other four loot the house of all valuables and the one kept pointing his gun at us. He even threatened to kill my boyfriend if he didn’t stop lunging at him so I begged him to please stay calm for the sake of everyone.

We rang the security system two times and nobody came until 20 minutes after the thieves left. His parents will be taking legal action against them to get their money back. The police were also little help here and the chances of catching them are slim to none.

Including everything they took from everyone in the house, they stole about 30 grand in valuables.

Now I have no laptop, no cell phone, and worst of all they took all of my recently deceased mother’s jewelry. I’m thankful they didn’t take my credit and debit cards because I need that money to go back to the US. However, I certainly didn’t budget for a new computer and I desperately need it for my new job.

My mother is dead. My father and I hate each other and I no longer speak to my grandparents because I told them how rotten their son is. My brother is broke and I am running out of options.

My maternal aunts have some money and I’ve been getting to know them better lately. I really just need to borrow 1200 from them to afford a new computer and could pay them back in maybe 2–3 months tops. I’m desperate and devastated by this experience and am wondering what’s going to happen to me next.

How should I ask them?

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OMG! How terrifying. If you are close to them I think you can ask. Especially if you have a specific plan to pay them back. Can you wait to buy the computer once you are back in the states?

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@JLeslie I’m going to wait until I return on July 7. I was thinking they could loan me 600 each.

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If you need it now, ask them now.

Fill them in to all that happened. If nothing else, they can do their best to assist you in getting a new laptop. Personally I’d want to see you get a cell phone to replace the stolen one ASAP for safety purposes.

Will your place of work assist you at all if you fill them in to what occurred?

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That’s awful, and I think it would be fine for you to ask them for a loan. Just explain what happened, and hopefully, they’ll be able to help you.

But… why do you need $1200 for a computer? If this had happened to someone in my family, I sure wouldn’t loan that much for a pc. You can get a brand new one for $500—$750.

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@WillWorkForChocolate It was a MacBook Pro. That’s how much it costs.

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I would try all other sources first. Have you asked the police if there is a victims fund available for this. See if the family has any homeowners insurance to cover the loss. Call travelers Aid and see what they would recommend. Contact the cell phone company to see if they have replacement insurance.

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Your post indicates that you only recently have gotten to know your aunts better. I would not borrow money from them. There is no quicker way to destroy relationships. What if, for some unforeseen reason, you can’t repay them as scheduled?
If you want that nice of a computer, I would charge it if that is your other choice. As you have stated, it will only take you two or three months to pay off.
In my opinion, getting loans from family or friends is never a good idea.

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If it will only take you 2–3 months to pay off, definitely use your credit and pay for it with your own money. Don’t ask to borrow from relatives if you don’t have to – especially if you don’t know them well, but even if you do. Money does weird things to family relationships.

But make sure you pay off the credit card as quickly as you reasonably can. These things have a way of getting out of hand if you’re not focused on repayment.

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Tell them exactly what happened and that you will pay them back asap. I am sure they will be understanding.

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@LeavesNoTrace Okay, but I still wouldn’t ask for $1200 for a computer. If I’ve ever needed to borrow money from someone, I go for the least amount possible so I don’t seem greedy, and I just buy cheaper things.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I work in design and need the computer to run certain programs. Things like photoshop, and InDesign are dense and can slow down a lot of machines.

Anything less powerful they would be too cumbersome for. If I´m going to pay for it eventually, I may as well get what I need in the first place instead of spending more later on.

Also I was going to ask if I could borrow half the money from each of them so as not to overwhelm. So $600 each and then pay them back like $400 a month.

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Absolutely ask them. You have an incredibly valid reason to need the money.

Also, kudos on being so remarkably calm about all this. I would be flipped out to the max.

Most people have more than $600 in savings somewhere, and they’re your family. If they can’t do it, figure something else out, but honestly I don’t think it can hurt to try, particularly because you need to have a computer in order to get the money for the computer back!

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Wondering if you would pay them interest on the loan? If yes how much?

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Just curious. Did you borrow the money and did you pay it back as expected?

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Hi @GloPro

No, I never asked for the money. Less than 2 weeks later, I started a great job which I still have and they gave me a new Macbook Pro and I was gradually able to replace my other items. It took me a while to get back on my feet but my salary is stable enough to support me and I was eventually able to recover.


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Oh, congratulations on the job, especially one so generous! I’m glad everything worked out.

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