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Can you prevent cuts from scarring?

Asked by thequestion123 (233points) July 1st, 2013

I have quite a few healing cuts. But is there anyway for me to prevent them from becoming scars?

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The best way to reduce scarring is to keep an antibiotic ointment on it all the times. You can cover it with a bandaid or gauze and tape. Keeping it most with the ointment reduces the scaring. It won’t scab over. People think it’s best to let it dry, and that will help it scab and heal faster, which it does, but it also is more likely to scar that way. If you are within 24 hours of getting the cut you can probably still reduce the scarring by keeping the ointment on it. If has already been a few days and a scab is forming, you would have to pull the scab off and start all over, which I am not recommending, especially since I have no idea how large or deep your cuts are.

Are you white? Very pale skin? The scars are likely to be minimal the lighter your skin is. Stay out of the sun while you heal.

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I am tan right now due to tanning. But for some reason my scars always show up very visible. Even on my tanned skin.

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Tanning will make them worse.

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What about if some are already scars? Will tanning help those?

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My plastic surgeon says no. He says that massaging them (if they’re healed)can help though.

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That sounds strange but I will definitely try that out. Thank you so much.

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It breaks down the scar tissue and makes it flatter.

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Great question! I scar easily too and always let scabs dry on their own. I’m going to start giving ointment and bandaids a try.

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I have had surgery recently and my surgeon has advised that once the scars have healed, applying a silicone gel to them daily will help them to fade more quickly. Nothing will get rid of them completely though. Also, don’t explose the scarred area to too much sunlight. Scars don’t tan, so they’ll be more noticeable.

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Calendula or Comfrey have have healing properties I use them quite frequently. Though I don’t have scars.

Vitamin E is also a great healer. If the scars have not healed buy some and or eat foods high in it.

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