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Does anyone have the right to say anything about smelly feet?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26801points) July 8th, 2013

If you worked in a fairly casual office and one man comes to work in sandals with no socks, but his feet has a noticeable odor, not a “Geez, get that funky smell out of here”, but a noticeable unpleasant odor. Does anyone who work there have the right to tell him to do something about it, or to say something to the super or office manager?

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Scent-sational violations of etiquette should be dealt with. Body odor from any source, excessive perfume, etc., especially if a repeated offense, can and should be dealt with just as you’d deal with someone making too much noise or acting in an offensive manner. I’d refer the situation to HR rather than take this on personally.

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Of course you do. I personally would approach my supervisor.

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I’d just slip him a mickey, take his shoes and spray ‘em out with Lysol. lol

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Yes. If I can smell him, then it affects my work environment. (I would also say the same thing about women who <apparently> shower in perfume.)

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I’ve had to deal with personal odors as a manager. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to address complaints about people who have odors because it is disruptive to productivity.

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“Dude! Give those sandals back to Moses and get some new ones that don’t reek of camel toe BC!”.

Seriously… don’t blame his feet. Blame the sandals.

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You have the right to say it. You do not have the right to expect a positive outcome for having said it.

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If you can smell his feet, then you have a right to say something about it. Gross.

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We had a young math teacher on staff who wore clothes that seriously needed to be washed. So he always smelled seriously unpleasant.

The Dean of faculty was nominated to be the one to bell the cat, normally not in her job description. But she did. I remember her coming to my ex, who was the headmaster. for advice. They decided that there was no easy way to do it. (One of the odder administrative conferences.)

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There’s always the anonymous foot odor spray left on his desk method. Admittedly not a shining example of adult behavior.

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