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Why do my feet in my sneakers smell awful, kind of like rotten vegetables?

Asked by pshizzle (1100points) February 9th, 2012

Whenever I am sitting in a public place, I notice that my feet have this awful odor when I am wearing socks, or just my feet in sneakers. I am wondering what causes this odor.

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Do your feet seem to sweat a lot?

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Do you have long toenails? Sometimes that contributes to foot odor.

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@WillWorkForChocolate My feet sweat very little sometimes, a lot others, and others, none noticeable at all.
@Tropical_Willie That answer is very vague.
@SuperMouse I have super short toenails.

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@pshizzle Wash your shoes and socks. Also use a foot spray for feet that smell.

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Some people seem to have much smellier feet than others. My brother’s feet are awful!

I do think good hygiene will help. Make sure you change your socks at least once a day and perhaps buy some odour eaters for your shoes too. Change your shoes regularly. Don’t wear the same pair day in and day out to let them air. Buy shoes with leather uppers only too.

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Hmmmmm, I’ve usually only noticed this with friends whose feet sweat a lot. I dunno hon, wash your feet every morning before you put your shoes on and get some of those “sneaker ball” things that supposedly suck the stink out of shoes. And alternate your shoes from day to day. I have three pairs of tennis shoes that I switch out. =0)

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If it’s only in your sneakers, then the shoes most likely have bacterial growth. To kill the bacteria, place the shoes in a plastic bag and freeze them overnight.

To keep the bacteria from growing back, you should make certain the shoes dry thoroughly between wearings.

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Wash your sneakers (if they are canvas) in the washing machine, warm to cold water. Dry in no heat dryer or just air dry them. That may help along with keeping your feet and sox clean. Odor Eaters are also very good.

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Most sneakers if you wear them several days in a row will smell. It’s bacteria that makes the smell and also damp moldy smell. Wearing shoes without socks will funk them up quick. I had two cousins that ate tons of garlic and their shoes were like death if they took them off in mixed company. I’ve never heard of a sure fire way to rid shoes of mold or funk smell once it’s in there but the freezing method sounds interesting.

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@Neizvestnaya Freezing is the most recommended way to permanently kill the bacteria. (Podatrists regularly recommend this method) Where I live, we just stick the shoes outside for the night ;)

Washing will help eliminate the smell, but unless it’s hot water, it will most likely not kill the bacteria. Also, if the shoes don’t dry quickly, the bacteria will re-grow quickly.

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Is there a fungus amongus? Sweat, dirt, and fungus? Toe cheese?

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Your shoes are old, have absorbed too much moisture and you might have a mild case of foot fungi even if you don’t show break out symptoms like red rings or flaky in between toes.

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You can always wash your sneakers. Fabric shoes, like socks, get, well, smelly, after a time.

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