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How do you get Advanced Reader's copies of books?

Asked by bridold (638points) June 18th, 2008
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it’s called ‘the black market’.

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Become a book reviewer with a reliable outlet for promoting books and publishers.

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Work in a bookstore.

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You might want to try talking to the owner of a local bookstore – they’d probably be happy to find a home for them. My parents have a small bookstore and are constantly getting tons of advance copies of books; they end up stacked all over the house.

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@theabk thank you! I was wondering when I was going to get a legit response. LOL

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if you have any friends who work at magazines or radio shows – or any other outlet that does reviews – or if you are a freelancer who wants to write a review of the book before it comes out, contact the publisher’s publicity department and you can make a formal request for a pre-release copy. You can usually find a link to the publicity department through the home page of the publishing company.

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I get mine on you sign up and then there’s something called ‘Early Reviewers’. Once a month you go through and select the books you feel you’d read and enjoy and at the end of the month the publisher desides if you get one or not. You can sign up to get more than one a month but for the most part you get one a month, if you get one at all. They mail it right to you and all they as is you then read it and leave a review. It’s really great. They also like it if you can pass it to a friend and have them review it when they’re done. :)

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I use Early reviewers and First reads. I’ve gotten books from both of them. Most of what I’ve gotten from Library Thing were e-books. While I don’t like the format as much, I’ve gotten many more ARCs from Library Thing than Good Reads.

Also when I worked in a bookstore, I got tons of ARCs. I get a lot working at the library, but I’m required to give them all to the department when I’m done, so I don’t have any now.

Another way I’ve gotten ARCs is to simply write to some of my favorite midlist authors (those tend to be newly published authors who don’t have a big following yet) I’ve gotten a few books straight from the authors. This may be because I work in a library—but I’m not sure if I always mention that.

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