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I want to look at several pages of a book - right now - which I own but don't have with me. Where can I find it online?

Asked by zina (1661points) January 5th, 2009

I had to leave my Ottman’s “Music for Sight Singing” halfway across the world while I’m living abroad. I need to look at Chapter 6, I’m pretty sure it starts at p.82—let’s say finding p.82–100 or so would be ideal. I checked Google Books and it came up but I don’t see a way to “look inside”. Amazon has a different edition you can view, so that doesn’t help. I need to see the 7th edition, the most recent. Any ideas?

[Obviously an alternative would be to go to a bookstore and look for it in hard copy, but I need to get this done in the next couple hours and I’m at home, far from such a store.]

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Those were the two suggestion I would have made. Do you have someone at home that can retrieve it for you and perhaps fax/scan you the pages?

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Except for “look inside” options such as Amazon’s, which set limits on what you can see and make it hard for you to download or print anything, you are not likely to find online many books that are currently in print. Proceeds from selling copies are the only way the author, publisher, and distributors get paid, and posting copyright-protected content online for free is piracy.

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If it’s a textbook (or even if it’s not), check your university/college library website. Rarely, textbooks are available online. I’ll even check my website for you.
EDIT: I checked, and I can’t access it online. Sorry.

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If you are in a school that has a JSTOR database account, search there. If they have an entry for the book, they’ll have every page. You might try any database your school has access to.

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Or…go to the library and look for another book that covers the same kind of material. You might have to select a different song.

Or go to a singers’ or musicians’ website or e-list and see if the members there can help you. Someone else in the world owns a copy of the book.

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I have rarely seen this, except as jeruba said, in textbooks (maybe once or twice in famous books). I would need help with this, too!

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Check out the new Google books search.

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The Fifth Edition is all I could find

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