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Do you think there has ever been a day in the US where nobody died?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33191points) July 11th, 2013

Just thinking mathematically, it is certainly possible that there might be a day when no one in the US (or a state, if you want to go geographically) died. Coincidences happen – it isn’t impossible.

Or maybe it’s fairer to not include people who are ill – they’re in a different category.

But could there be a day where, in LA for example, there were no murders, fatal stabbings, etc.? Where people just don’t off each other for a while?

Could this ever happen?

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Yes. Many millennia ago, before the North American continent had been inhabited by human beings.

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No. Chicago will see to it that at least one person get’s offed.

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No. If there are people, there are deaths.

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We’ve had weekends where no one was shot in Oakland, and that in itself was newsworthy.

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No one died or no one was killed? Two different things. Probably in the last 100 years someone has been killed every day in America. Our population is so high, even back then. I would bet a lot of money someone has died every day of the year for the last 500 years in America, even before the US was actually established. But, I’m just guessing. In Memphis the murder rate is very very high. Like @zenvelo commented, a day in Memphis without a shooting is a good day. There are usually more days in the year when someone is killed than someone isn’t, but it isn’t every day. That’s Memphis, just one midsize city.

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There was a day recently in New York City where no one was shot or stabbed, I think. But people die for health reasons all the time! There might be better odds on no one being murdered or dying in sketchy circumstances.

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@rory It doesn’t surprise me that NYC has murder free days. It is one of the safer cities when it comes to murder and violence per capita. Usually down below 15 some years not even making top 20 in lists that ranks these things. Memphis, Baltimore, Miami, Detroit, DC, are usually up near the top. I think the NYC averages around 400–500 murders per year now (check me, I might remember wrong). Sometimes I would a assume several happen in one day, so it frees up other days to be murder free.

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@JLeslie I just had a chuckle at the thought of days being “freed up” to be murder free. :)

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What a good question. Made me wonder if there was ever a day in the US where everyone died?

Oh, wait…........

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It’s said that every minute someone somewhere in the world dies or is born.
I read too that every 6” 39secs the entire population of Belgium heaves a collective sigh…expert opinion differs as to the reasons why.

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The last time a person was killed in our town was about 10 years ago. Of course old age is the major killer, closely followed by ATV accidents.

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No, there will never be a day in which no person dies, assuming non-negligible population levels.

Take the probability that a given person lives on that day:

2,468,435 deaths in 2010,
308,745,538 people in total,
0.8% chance of dying in a year,
0.0022% chance of dying in a day,
99.99781% chance of living through one day

0.9999871 ^ 308,745,538 = chance of everyone in the US living through that day

Wolfram Alpha gives the probability as around (8 * 10^-2938). This is a solid never.

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Nothing is impossible but things are certainly improbable. I know that isn’t an answer people like, but our current population does not allow for a day to pass without a death.

Same goes for births.

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About as probable as a day with no births. lol

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