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What was the biggest, longest burp you ever had (or heard)?

Asked by Mr_Saturn512 (474points) July 12th, 2013

Just for funsies.

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It’s Friday and you all know what a classy guy I am. A couple of my fraternity brothers in college could burp the alphabet.

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I’ve heard some pretty insane burps come out of my brother.
A few have even rivaled that of Booger in Revenge of the Nerds. lol

Not something I’m proud of, but I can burp like a champ as well, usually after I’ve slammed a Coke. So gross!

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Eight years of George Bush. (2001–2009)

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I’ve had lots of good ones, as I seem to be a champion burper. Even without drinking soda. I can burp on command, by gulping in air bubbles down my throat. It’s very weird. As a teen, I was kinda proud of it, and won many a burp-off against guys who were chugging sodas. As an adult, I try to always burp quietly around others, and sheepishly say, “Excuse me!”

I think the longest one I ever had was when I trained myself to make my burps last long enough to blow through the whole alphabet in one burp. Classy, huh? :D

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My Dad could have been a contender.

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My husband said he did a 20 second fart in 2012 after eating Osso Bucco. Can that be included? LMAO! Ugh, I hate to encourage him by laughing. He says it was “magnificent.”

He sometimes talks while he is burping and it is one of the things I really hate that he does. What is it with men?

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My step daughter can set off car alarms with her belches.

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