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Whence envy?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37526points) July 20th, 2013

Envy puzzles me. It is not a constant state. Were it, it would not be so recognizable.

Its head pops up now and again, and the best I can do is ponder and let it pass.

I surmise its origin lies in fear. I am afraid of lack. I’m struck from time to time by the irrational emotions that I am somehow not as good as another at some activity or state of being or with some material possession.

Do you experience envy? How often?

Where does it rise from?

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On rare occasions, but…I learned a long time ago that to compare yourself with others is a path to misery. One best forsaken.
I really LIKE who I am as a person, but…yep, if I could do it all over again I would have a lot more money at this time of life. lol
Otherwise, I am happy being me. :-)

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Never experienced envy. Want, god yes, but never envy.

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I experience envy much less often since I stopped self-loathing.

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I’m in the “What is envy” camp along with @Adirondackwannabe. I see plenty of people who have admirable traits. Some I try to emulate. But to brood on why they have what they have and I do not has never occurred to me as a worthwhile use of thought. And I’m definitely in the “If I could do it all over again I would have a lot more money at this time of life.” camp along with @Coloma. I wish I’d done that on my first and only time through, but I chased other trinkets. Still, I do not envy those who did cash in early and often. They have their own crosses to bear, and many of the tasty morsels of life I sampled along the way, they passed on by because they had a different target in their sights. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if some of them envy me. :-)

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I am not so noble so proud as to say envy is stranger to me.
Though as soon as I recognize it, it is gone upon the wind. For as soon as I realize I like one trait, circumstance experience I realize I must trade it for a one of mine. As fleeting as any negative emotion I have ever come across and so I hold envy as an evaluation mechanism. Am I on the path I want or should I redirect?

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Pretty much the only time I experience envy is when I see older married couples happy together .

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I have envy often. Not envy as in material things but kind of as emotional things. Things like @janbb said, that would make me envious.

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My envy is a very occasional thing as well. I look at people around me who are more successful, and I yearn to be like them. (It’s my fault, one might say, for dropping out of college the first time round, although I am now trying to remedy that…)

Every once in a great while, I find myself wondering why a person dear to me even gives me the time of day. He is so successful, has a house, etc., while I don’t even have my degree yet and have to struggle to make ends meet.

Whenever those feelings come along, I try to squash them as quickly as possible…

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Envy is the collection of emotions arising from a desire that generates guilt that is projected as anger directed at someone with the desired.

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It rises from weakness in character, and poor self discipline.

It is often used by the incompetent or unmotivated as a substitute for serious introspection and self evaluation.

It is a destructive emotion, and since it does not wear well in a social context, it is often suppressed, and then repressed. Repressed negative emotions all too frequently manifest themselves as a depressive disorder.

Simple advice from Max Ehrmann in Desiderata;
“If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself”.

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I do envy those who can bend from the waist without having a lower back catastrophe. That’s it.

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@gailcalled How about those who can waddle their way to the hot fudge sundae store?

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That’s lust and not envy. I think there’s a difference.

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Envy is a common emotion that everyone experiences. The only thing you can hope to do is minimize its detrimental effects.

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When I was younger, envy was common. While occasionally I may find the successes of others enviable, I envy more their discipline and dedication that produced them. I know of no one that I wish I were and many that I am glad that I am not.

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