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Should i go on a date tommorrow or go have luch with my 98 year old aunt?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) June 18th, 2008

my aunt is 98, but fit as a fiddle. she had a checkup on Saturday and the doctor was surprised when he saw the date of birth. she did have company over today, and isn’t so lonely (she has nice neighbors). am i just justifying myself to not stay with my aunt?

the girl is really nice and i think i have a chance of hitting it off with her, and she was sick when we were supposed to go out on monday, so we said maybe tomorrow.
by the way, i really enjoy seeing my aunt. shes one of the only people i can have a serious conversation with (besides you of course) and i see her almost every week.

i said i’d meet with my aunt on sunday, but i promised the girl that we’d see each other on monday, the friday before, and she was sick, so we’re meeting up today.

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Bring your date along!

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At 98, the time you will have your aunt in your life is limited. Also, mega points with a girl when you say you are spending time with your elderly aunt. Can’t you pick her up or meet her afterwards?

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Hang put with your aunt. God forbid anything happen to her, you’ll regret all the time you could have spent with her. If you do choose your aunt, tell the girl the truth. She might dig your sensitive side. And you know, not many of us are fortunate enough to have our parents or aunts&uncles around for 98 years.

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I like the tags. Go with them. Bros before hoes!! The girl should understand.

Of course, you have to make sure the girl doesn’t misunderstand, and think you’re making up excuses not to see her.

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If she does think you’re making up excuses not to see her, invite her along. Or ask to see her a little later.

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I would go to lunch with your 98 yr. old aunt. At that age God only knows how many lunches you both can share. Take advantage of spending time with your aunt while you can. I am sure the girl will understand. You can take your aunt to lunch and the girl to dinner.

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survey says: go to lunch with 98 year old aunt.
and after all, the girl did give me a lame excuse for not being there on monday. apparently she burned herself. i didnt ask for details. im not gonna bring her along, because i’d pay way too much attention to one of them, and the other one will be upset. and as for lunch then dinner, for dinner im having a bbq with some family friends, and this would be our “first date” so i think its a bit early to meet close relatives.

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If your date is cool, they’ll understand a reschedule.

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Maybe your date has an uncle and you can have a double date. Remember to stay away from the body shots though she can probley drink you under the table if shes anything like my aunt… What a crazy night that was…

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a. Stocky gets my vote for best suggestion. My aunt asked me to dance at my Moms wedding (remarried obviously) and started grinding and hitting on me. Ewww.

b. I would ask her if she would like to come a long. and then continue the date after lunch.

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for the sake of all goodness, do both. lunch dates never work as well as evening ones anyway.

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Have lunch with your aunt. If your date doesn’t understand she isn’t going to be your type anyway.

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Have lunch with your aunt and tell her all about the cute girl ;)

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Definitely have lunch with your aunt. For me, anyway, family comes before anything else – always.

And I agree with Marina , Spargett and Upward : find out if you can meet up afterwards. Maybe have dinner with your date instead of lunch or vice versa.

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Go on that date. Tell your aunt that you’ve come down with a cold, and reschedule for next week. Who knows? This date may lead to bigger and better things.

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im so glad i had lunch with my aunt. she made the best food. kurezut (hungarian cheese with paprika and other spices), french pastries with mushrooms (she made them), her specialty develled eggs, her jam cookies (which are my FAVORITE EVER), french puffs with cream inside with home made pudding on top, cherries, turkish coffee and sparkling wine. one of the best meals i ever had. i also learned a lot about my family and saw old pictures of her as a girl.

i never would have been able to have such a great day even if i went on 1000 dates.

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Zack :You are an absolute Mensch. I am so proud of you, I can hardly type. Attaboy!

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Kudos, Mtl_Zack! Also, the food sounds fantasic and made me hungry.

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Good choice, Zack!

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