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How many things do you have on your list that have been there for more than a year?

Asked by JLeslie (61011points) July 22nd, 2013

By list, I mean things you want to or should do, but haven’t done yet. Can be big or small. Anything from having a baby to sewing on a button.

Why haven’t you done them?

Do you feel badly about not getting them done? Guilty? Deficient? How do you feel about it?

If you feel like listing them here, feel free, I’d love to see the to do items, but if you rather keep it to yourself that is ok too.

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Go through my craft stuff which is scattered on shelves throughout the house and get rid of most of it, or at least consolidate it into fewer boxes.

I used to have a bedroom that was for the exclusive use of my crafts, but I had to move everything out when my second grandson moved in. Now I have shelves in every room of the house, and I don’t work on crafts anymore.

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Mending. Sewing on buttons, fixing split seams. Guilt? Yes, but not enough to take action. I’ll probably replace buttons with Velcro (a bigger job) before I get to the picky stuff.

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Starting to exercise again. haha
Oh man…procrasta-ass.
Otherwise, since I just moved after 7 years in my old house, I have no clutter , it’s all been done. NOW..after all the stress and a 4 month adjustment period I really need to get my butt out walking again.

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Well I don’t really know.

#3 on my new to-do list is… find the old to-do list.

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I’m in grad school so I can’t leave things on my to-do list for a whole year.
Months, on the other hand… I don’t even want to count how many things I should be working on at this very moment!

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Doing stretching exercises. I vowed to start at least a year ago and have made a few half-hearted attempts, but the flesh just ain’t willing.

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I continue to “forget” to gather up all the clothes I don’t wear and give them to charity because they’re ugly or too small. I gave some away but I keep thinking I’ll lose a lot of weight and get into the smaller clothes.
I also need to put literally hundreds of photos I have in boxes into my photo albums.I need to arrange this bookcase I hate. It’s lopsided. Three of the five shelves look like I just threw books onto them. It is a constant annoyance to see this stuff and know I’ll put it off another three years. I hate this.

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More tattoos
Buy a bigger home
Visit Ireland and Scotland
Go skydiving

It’s all about the money, money, money!

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room Stretch in bed every morning before you get up. Pull up ,your knees and lock your hands around them and rock back and forth, then do the neck turns…snap, crackle, pop. Then…this is the best…roll each leg out, back and forth from the hip. Oooh…feels so good.

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We have so much still to do in/to the house we bought last summer. It’s just been busy with having the newest little one (who is now 10 months old!) and working so much. We’ll get there though. We’re still chipping away at things bit by bit.

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• replace a bathroom sink
• empty out a playroom
• get a tub fixed
• clean out a cabinet
• get a new bed
• get a new living room set
• get a new washer & dryer
• paint kitchen

In some cases, it’s not having or wanting to spend the money. In other cases, it’s that the item doesn’t need to get done. It’s not effecting my life in any adverse way. In some cases it’s both.

I feel bad, sure — and they do nag at me a bit — but not that badly as my list of stuff I do get done regularly is triple that.

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