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Worth "fighting" for or just stick with regular socks?

Asked by LDRSHIP (1784points) July 22nd, 2013

I have been taking my fitness a little more serious lately. I researched a bit into compression socks. Apparently they do all sorts of good for you recovery,support, and circulation off top of my head.

Now the only possible problem would be they are out of regulations. Not to mention finding a completely plain white pair. (No logos or other colors least not visible with shoes)

A lot of people would probably give me crap about it feel and I wonder if they would even tell me not to wear them anymore. Although the saying I hear is you can add to, but not take from. Typically anyways.

The regulation states

“Commanders may authorize the wear of commercial running shoes, calf-length or ankle-length, plain white socks
with no logos, gloves, reflective belts or vests, long underwear, and other items appropriate to the weather conditions
and type of activity. If soldiers wear long underwear or other similar items, they must conceal them from view with the
hooded sweatshirt and sweat pants when wearing the PFU, or the running jacket and pants if wearing the IPFU.”

I found that a little confusing in that it says “may authorize” does that mean I would need permission first?

To me compression socks only help and possibly improve performance in way that is not hindering, illegal or anything of the such.

Should I just go for it and see what they say?

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@LDRSHIP Do you need them for a specific reason? Have you been injured or have weak ankles? If not, why spend the extra money?

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@chyna I have had some shin splits before and minor varicose veins. I do tend to pronate, but nothing extreme. Also they generally just help with recovery after working out. And I run a good amount.

This video might interest you.

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Can you get a doctor to prescribe them? Getting them in white is easy.

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@Judi Possibly, yes. If my shin splits were as bad a while back I could have been recommend it or even a profile to wear them. Although I haven’t had any since I’ve been working on form and overall just getting in better shape. Hard to say though if it will happen again or if maybe I am on the right path to avoiding them in future as well.

I guess I could always go and ask about it for preventive purposes.

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Wait a second, are you in the military? Sounds like you need permission, from the Commander. Don’t try to go around regulations.

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@zenvelo Yes. I figured it would be kind of obvious after reading the details, but next time I will make it a point. I wasn’t sure so hoping on clarification maybe if anyone had experience in type of situation, or perhaps military them self.

I don’t see how I’m ”“going around regulations” though.

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If you wear them under your regular socks, they wouldn’t be visible, therefore, they’d be similar to wearing long underwear. They do come in plain white.

Otherwise, you’d have to go through your chain of command to get the okay to wear them. Getting the okay from one chain of command does not mean you will get the okay from your next chain of command, so it would be a continued issue each time there is a change to your chain of command.

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@Seaofclouds Good point. I guess I could ask commander himself. He was running in Alpha group today with us. Probably would have been perfect time to slide the question in. Deng….

I asked some of my NCOs. They kind of said whatever to it haha. Didn’t say yes or no more or less. Which lead me here asking.

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Welcome to Fluther.

Have you ever heard that “It’s easier to beg forgiveness than it is to ask permission?”

If these are “normally available” commercial clothing, i.e., no prescription or doctor’s order (or permission) required to wear them, then go ahead and purchase them for your own use and don’t say a damn word about them. If you should someday be “found out” you can honestly say (based on what you’ve shown here) that there’s no regulation against the wearing of such clothing.

Honestly, it’s not as if the fibers and the amount of stretch (or compression) are regulated, are they? Just “buy socks” that fit the letter of the regulation and wear them. End of story.

Your last post is perfectly illustrative of my point. With the mindset that’s being inculcated in you and your NCOs, no one is going to go out on a limb and have an honest opinion about something that’s not chapter and verse out of the book. For Christ’s sake, they’re socks. If they fit the regulations, they’re in. Just do it.

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@CWOTUS Valid points. I never heard that saying. I just in general prefer to avoid the hassle and possible problems that would come along with it. Having to explain to everybody that I am in regulation.

Although in a way it would prove a good point that most folks don’t even know themselves! Just gotta say though this is the military and sometimes they have nothing better to do than bitch about random things like some socks. Haha sad,but true.

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Bill Clinton, of all people, gave the relevant advice on this and similar topics:

Don’t ask; don’t tell.

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They are a Draconion solution to post-exercise recovery and support. I have friends who have been compelled to wear them for four weeks after hip or knee replacement surgery; they report that they are really tight, uncomfortable and very difficult to get on and off.

If you have normal circulation and no history of embolisms, I cannot imagine why you would want to voluntarily wear them. I would wager that after several hours in these stockings, you will be the one bitching.

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@gailcalled I don’t expect them to be an end all be all solution, but merely a tool or assist to help with recovery and support.

I wouldn’t wear them for longer than 1 or 2 hours though. I don’t feel there is a need beyond that.

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You may need an assistant to simply get them on. Wearing them is not for the fainthearted. Recovery from what?

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@gailcalled Soreness and after runs or leg workouts. Mainly running. Even short ones, I figure if it promotes blood flow it should help get the lactic acid out and nutrition more efficiently. This just my line of thinking though.

One video I watched about it, had an interesting point that people who were in great shape. Serious athletes found it didn’t little for them or nothing at all. On the other hand they said that people who were not in such to high standard of physical fitness found the compression socks did help.

I am not out of shape, but certainly not pro athlete shape either.

I can find the video, if you are interested in it?

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Grace Hopper, the Navy’s 1st female admiral, said that it is often easier to apologize than to get permission.

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NO thank you. I will be wearing them all too soon for six weeks after knee surgery and know more than I need to.

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