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What's the age limit to join all branches of the U.S. armed forces?

Asked by seVen (3489points) November 11th, 2008

Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Reserves?

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Easy google; Army, Air Forces, Navy, Marines, etc.

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18, but most will take you at 17 with parental consent. You can start talking to a recruiter at 16 or probably younger though.

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Are you asking about the minimum or maximum age limit? Seventeen is the youngest you can enlist. Age forty-two is the oldest you can sign up for the US Army. I’m unsure of the max age limit with the other branches.

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I think the question was about age limit (maximum) to start boot camp. I believe the age is 42 years across the board (which is the same for hitchhikers!)

I don’t have a source, but I bet Wikipedia will bring the light.

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Active Army – 42
Army Reserves (Including National Guard) – 42
Active Air Force – 27
Air Force Reserve (inlcuding National Guard) – 34
Active Navy – 34
Naval Reserves – 39
Active Marines – 28
Marine Corps Reserve – 29
Active Duty Coast Guard – Age 27. Note: up to age 32 for those selected to attend A-school directly upon enlistment (this is mostly for prior service).
Coast Guard Reserves – Age 39.


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what is the max age to enlist in airforce

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max age 4 navy

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what do i do to get in the airforce

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@justin1875 Do a lot of research first though so you know what to expect. Talk to anyone you know that is already in the Air Force as well. Then, when you are really ready to consider joining, talk to a recruiter. Be sure to get anything they offer you in writing!

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Often you can get a waiver of the age limits, if you have a skill the branch of service needs desperately. I was in basic with a guy that was 50, he was a trauma center surgeon before he enlisted.

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Marines- minimum age is 17, Maximum limit is that you must be in recruit training no later than your 29th birthday. This is the correct answer, I send civilians to become Marines for a living.

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