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Why can't I skidstop on my fixed gear?

Asked by prince (322points) June 19th, 2008

No matter how far I lean forward, it’s no use: the back wheel won’t skid. Is there something I’m missing? Something weird with the weighting of my frame?

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I’ll make teh boy answer this one when he comes home from work.

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Have you adjusted your calipers? Is it a new bike, and if so, what kind? the skid stop is a maneuver closely related to the bunny hop, be careful practicing. It’s a good way to lose teeth and damage equip.

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heh street cred. ^_^

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How big is your chainring? The bigger the chain ring, the harder it will be to skid or stop. I suggest trying a smaller one if you’re new to riding a fixed gear. Also, it’s actually way easier to skid if you’re going fast.

On another note, skidding isn’t necessarily the way to go. Sure you should learn how to do it, but not only will you go though a tons of (expensive) tires, but it can be hard on your knees in the long run.

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@peedub: My chain ring is 42 teeth. I know that skidding destroys your tyres, but I figure it’s an important thing to know.

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The boy said “Let me guess, he’s asking how to stop?” and just laughed when I explained the question…. So no answers there!
He did offhandedly suggest that would be a good place to ask.

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I learned by using my front brake to pop the back wheel off the ground a bit before pushing back on the pedals and locking my legs.

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1. Lean out of your saddle about 3–6 inches
2. Pedal until your stronger foot is moving down (for me my left)
3. Angle the stronger foot slightly upwards and pull up at the same time (clock-wise if left footed counter clock wise if right footed)
4. At the same tome push down on your handle bars for leverage and pull the other foot upwards (in the opposite direction)

Bonus: to not skid through your tire rotate the wheel relatively to the front chain ring every2 months or so

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