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Any fun things to do near brandeis university or in boston?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) June 19th, 2008

museums, vegetarian restaurants, things that are unique to the area.

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Fenway Park, Red Sox game? That’s my idea of fun, and unique to Boston.

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OK, here goes – My faves.
Museum: The Elizabeth Stuart Gardner Museum
Fish: The Barking Crab
Dessert: Finale`
Italian: Maggianos
Burgers: Mr. Bartley’s Burgers
Local Farm: Wilson Farm
Fun: Jillians
And as Trustinglife said, you gotta see Fenway Park.

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Near Brandeis go to Walden Pond, site of Henry David Thoreau’s cabin and a beautiful pond for swimming or hiking around.

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great yoga at Baron Baptiste in porter square. great thai/indian food around there too. tons of good little coffee shops and vegan places around harvard square.
go to quincy market on a weekend. it’s a totally unique experience that every tourist should enjoy. The comedy club is right there too.

make sure you do a lot of walking, especially this season, as you’ll be able to move quickly through different neighborhoods and get a lot of different vibes.

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@pixiequeen: So true about the walking. Boston is definitely a walking town.

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Boston has endless possibilities, but if you want to do something in Waltham head down to Moody Street. Tons of Indian and Thai restaurants, bars and pubs.

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Harvard Square is nowhere near as cool or fun as it used to be before the developers raped it, but there are still a lot of cool stores and things to see there. Davis Square is always a lot of fun. The Museum of Science is a good option if you like that sort of thing, and their IMAX theater usually has good movies. There’s a neat little MIT museum that used to have a lot of holograms; I don’t know what they have now.

The Arnold Arboretum is beautiful, if you like to walk. There’s a secret place there that’s simply amazing; my son and I call it the “Magic Tree”. Here’s a link to a post on my blog with pictures and directions:

Oh, and a walk down Newbury Street (from the Mass Ave end) to the Public Gardens is not to be missed in nice weather, particularly if you’ve ever read “Make Way For Ducklings”. The Maparium at the Christian Science cathedral is also very cool, and I believe it’s still free.

Basically there are a million neat things to do in the Boston area. Different things are happening all the time. You might want to pick up a copy of the Metro (a daily free paper); they always have a daily listing of fun stuff in the area. The Boston Phoenix (also free, but a weekly) also lists lots of stuff.

I’m not a vegetarian myself, but I’ve been reading rave reviews of Buddha’s Delight for at least ten years now.

Hey, that reminds me: Chinatown! That’s a pretty cool place to walk around. So’s the North End, if you like Italian food and ambiance.

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In Waltham, there’s always Moody St. I know that they have at least one vegan or vegetarian restaurant over there. The free Brandeis shuttle to Cambridge (Harvard Sq.) and Boston goes from Thursday night to Sunday and is quite convenient. Veggie Planet in Harvard Sq. is good. Check out the Boston Phoenix,, or for activity ideas.

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For great food go to the Chateau in Waltham.
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