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What do you think about while driving, esp. when stuck in traffic?

Asked by chill_out (116points) June 20th, 2008

Many times I just catch myself just spacing out. But then again a lot of times I’m pretty stoned. But this brings another question to mind – How often are you actively thinking about something? I mean come on, I’m not solving things in my head or concerning myself with things 24/7. More in an observation mindset 75% of the day…

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I often ponder if I should get out of my car and go postal on the guy that just cut me off.

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I wonder if the guy that just cut me off is spacing out or is pretty stoned. And then I wonder what I would say about it on Fluther. Probably nothing.

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Number one thing I think about while driving is driving: mostly the behavior of other drivers, the most potentially dangerous factor to me. I’m also assessing the road condition and watching for hazards.

Further down the list are day-to-day things, business ideas, the music I have on, etc.

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I’m usually thinking about why there are either all the songs I want to hear on the radio, or none of the songs I want to hear. No happy medium. :-P

Or I’m thinking about how I should be paying more attention to the road and less to the radio dial.

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l love to daydream, I imagine myself driving the car of my dreams along the pacific coast highway at sunset, I love to think about those things, when you think enogh about something, it actually happens to you… at least it happens to me and makes me feel soooo happy :) I also love to imagine that someone very special to me is actually with me, i like to sing… I got a notebook, sometimes good ideas pop up, so u need to write that down! or just make a courtesy call to someone you haven’t talked in a while, also, I’ve learnt to be patient with other drivers… but this is when I’m stucked and there car is not moving, when there is no traffic, i drive and that’s it

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I’m always thinking about the road and driving, didn’t mean spacing out like completely oblivious. It’s like second-nature though… I mean, I don’t think about walking…

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At lights and huge snarls, I take out a small hand mirror and tweezers and go after those stray facial hairs in brows.

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I love to think about my music and what’s playing. I absolutely love my iPod touch and my car. The more traffic the better! Also I like to think about my lovely girlfriend

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I listen to audiobooks while I drive, so I am often thinking about the ideas in the latest book. Right now, I’m listening to “The Secret Life of Bees”, a great story with a terrific narrator, so I’m thinking about race relations in the American South in the 1960s.

When I’m not immersed in a book, I find myself thinking about work and trying, but not always succeeding, to resist the urge to text to do lists to myself. I’m moving towards using Jott or Pinger so that I’m not a danger to myself or others.

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I think about how I would really love to be crusing along instead of being stuck here in this stupid traffic! Where did all these people come from anyway?!?

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I sing along to my iPod (sometimes I dance, too). If I’m stuck in traffic as long as I have my iPod, I’m good. I also think about friends, boys, family, work, school, and moving out.

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When I’m stuck in traffic, I regress to my childhood dreams of owning a flying car. I’d push a button on the dash and woooosh! Up in the air. Giving air traffic controllers and the department of homeland security gray hair, I guess, but it sure would be cool.
Sometimes I think about Lemurs, too.

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Evolutionary science. Whatever I was reading before I left. (Right now I’m reading about the evolutionary power of female humans concealed gestation and why we became omnivorous/iron level issues. And more. Its really a mindblowing book.

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I often wonder what the idiots on the road with me are thinking about, becuase they sure as fuck ain’t paying attention to the road or what is going on around them. When I see people in cars do something retarded, like cut off an 80,000 lb semi truck, I’m glad I don’t drive a truck anymore. The last time I drove a truck, I saw one stupid fool do that to another trucker, and he got his revenge. He called up two other truckers on the CB, and they boxed that car in between them (one semi in front, one semi behind, and one alongside) and held the idiot there for over twenty miles, forcing him to go the same speed as they were. I followed along, staying back in case it got hairy, but I’m sure the person in that car was scared shitless. Serves them right.

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