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What is the best way to advertise your Zazzle store?

Asked by DWW25921 (6473points) August 26th, 2013

I just want to know if anyone has any ideas. Out of courtesy and respect for please don’t advertise in my question here!

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If you have a blog you can put a link or banner ad on it. If you know someone who has a blog you can maybe pay to advertise on theirs. Put a link to it in your signature on emails and forum posts (in forums that allow them – Fluther doesn’t) and in your Facebook profile.

Generally speaking if you want to advertise anywhere other than websites that belong to you, you will have to pay for it.

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I mentioned zazzle in my blog and then put the saga of zazzle and copyright issues in both my blog and FB. I put one of my best posters on Pinterest.

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I have a blog and I don’t like paying for things so I guess I’ll go that way and continue on pinterest! :)

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I just discovered something called squidoo which is one way to advertise [you put up something called a “lens”] and also has some very interesting feedback on zazzle. More info here

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@anartist I have a squidoo account but I couldn’t figure it out. That’s a good suggestion… Maybe it’s easier since the last time I tried…

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another bit of info from Squidoo Zazzle #101

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@anartist I’ve saved the link and will delve into Squidoo Tomorrow or Tuesday. Promise!

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I just did mine

they are squid on that thing. [and I don’t mean sailors]
do squid eat jellyfish?

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@anartist I went and answered your question at the end!

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Has anyone been to the fluther store? It’s actually a perfect example for this question as they have a high traffic website with their store posted prominently. They really don’t have to advertise it… In spite of having very few products I would venture to guess they’ve made more sales than I ever have…

Are there any high volume sites that will advertise for free or low cost for pitifully poor folks like me? Does anyone know?

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