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Whats a good way to get sloppy roomates to pickup after themselves?

Asked by Stocky (994points) June 20th, 2008

I have tried many different ways to approach it and it alway reverts back to the same thing after about a week or so.

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Provide consequences for not doing it. 10% rent premium? Buy all house food for a week? Make not doing it painful.

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I like that idea thanks marina

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new roommate… can’t change someones habits, but you can change roommates…..

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Meet and talk with them, let them know your concerns as someone in a joint venture in a living situation. If it doesn’t clear up, threaten that you will start throwing things away. If it’s their things that are being left around (clothes, objects) start bagging them up and take them off.

If all else fails, move

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As the messy roommate, the only thing that really worked in our apartment was a combination of guilt on my part and the clean roommate doing more than his share.

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I used to live my dirty drawers in the bathroom floor. My roommates broke me of that by making confetti out of my drawers.

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The new roomate idea isnt bad either, If i wanted to pick up after someone id have kids. Im not saying im the neatest person either, But im not gonna live like a slob, and if someone is coming over im cleaning the house out of common courtesy so it ends up being me that picks up.

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