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Do you think people overuse/underuse style text?

Asked by beast (1035points) June 20th, 2008

When answering a question, do people underuse style text? Or perhaps they use it too often.

Style text is-

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Yes No, I really don’t.

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Underuse, by far.

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Yeah, its underused.

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That sounds pretty subjective, to me.

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Underused! I get tired of looking at the same old sans-serif post after post.

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Damn, you Rick Rolled me!

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Fuck it. I demand the use of Comic Sans in casual conversation. Comic Sans NOW!!

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HAHA. I knew I would get someone.

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You got me too!

I think it’s Underused.

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I use it a lot when it is merited or I need it.

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@rickroll: I’m at the point where I recognize the URL. Is that bad?

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There are always ★ ☯ ♣ ♥ ♣

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I think its underused on some places on the web, but overused at otherplaces. Its never really ballanced out anywhere. :/

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