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If the earth stopped spinning, would we all be crushed by gravity?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30954points) August 30th, 2013

Spin a wet coin and watch the fluid fly off.

The earth spins at over 1,000mph… But I guess the reason we don’t fly off is because of gravity. Is that right?

Seems to be a nice balance between gravitational pull and centrifugal force.

So many questions but I’ll ask just a couple…

1— Is anyone here smart enough to calculate what the weight of a 200 pound human would be if the earth stopped spinning?

2— When science announces planets found within the goldielocks zone, are they just judging distance from that sun, or do they take into account that planet’s balance of gravity and centrifugal force to ensure that humans wouldn’t be crushed or fly off?

I don’t even know if I’m really asking the right questions.

School me please.

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The force that throws you “outwards” when you spin isn’t actually outwards. It is perpendicular to the force of gravity. So it is not counteracting gravity at all.
If gravity were suddenly turned off you wouldn’t go straight up. You would fly sideways as the earth curved away under your feet. Since your sideways velocity is matching (because it is caused by) the rotation of the earth you would be under the illusion that you are going straight up. But in fact the earth it is the going down relative to you.

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I think exoplanets we can see are way to far away for us to measure their rotation speeds. I think they are just talking bout the radius where water is likely to be mostly liquid.

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According to this calculator
the centrifugal force is a mere 0.0034g
For a standard 75kg human that translates to about 0.25kg
So, without Earth’s rotation, you would get a quarter of a kg heavier.

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If the earth didn’t spin, there would be no gravity, is what I understood

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You’d get the same effect by standing at the North or South pole.

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If the earth didn’t spin, there would be no gravity, is what I understood

The Moon does not spin, and it has gravity.

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Gravity is caused by mass. All matter has mass.

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The problem with a not-spinning earth wouldn’t be gravity, it would be climate. Half the world in perpetual shadow, the other half constantly pounded by sunlight. We would have to hope for a place on the day/night border with acceptable temperature and sufficient land mass to sustain plant life.

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Yes, I agree with @Seek_Kolinahr…a much bigger problem would be freezing or boiling to death…

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@drhat77…you bet your mass it does!... : )

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No, we’d all be crushed by poverty, for as you know, money makes the world go around.

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No difference if we stopped spinning

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No difference except we’d all die @Business!

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