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What do you like to shop for online?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31847points) September 2nd, 2013

I like shopping for books online since there are only 2 used bookstores where I live. I browse the virtual shelves of many different sellers regularly.

Do you have a favorite category you usually shop for online?

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Shoes is probably the number one thing I shop for online. Not that I buy a lot of shoes (I don’t), but I’m always looking for certain types of shoes and they seem to be hard to find in stores. Also bras. My size is pretty much nonexistent in stores, so that’s the only option.

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** Shoes are, I meant. Sheesh.

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Well clothes and shoes are up there.

I know what I like and what doesn’t fit and I like quality fabrics and or bargains. Actually almost every pair of shoes I own are leather or suede.

I almost always but my electronics online. Not that I buy a lot of them.

Food and vitamins probably by sheer quanitity should make the top of the list. Brands of speciality items they don’t get here I research find the best product and the best deal buy in bulk which is usually cheaper even if they sell locally.

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Books and electrical gadgets mostly. I go online for odd items that would be difficult to get locally. For example recently I ordered a length of shower screen seal of specific dimensions which arrived as if by magic two days later. I like reading the online reviews of products. You can pick up some great tips that you wouldn’t get from a salesman.

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Practically everything. I don’t have to go out then, plus it’s fun.

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Except for clothes, which I prefer to browse for and try on in person, I shop for just about everything else online, including new and old movies, books, household and home office stuff, and certainly electronic gadgets (but only once I’ve found exactly what I want in a store). I love Amazon. It usually offers better prices and selection than retail, no shipping charges because I’m a Prime member, and a completely hassle-free return policy/process that I’ve used many times.

I know how much Internet purchasing hurts retail, but I’m addicted.

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I troll Amazon for really cheap stuff from time to time.

Really though, I’m leery of making online purchases, because you never know what kind of customer service is available post-purchase. So I stick to buying things that are inexpensive, obviously of acceptable quality, or made to a standard. (a size 5 ring is pretty much standard, a size seven shoe, not so much.)

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I stick with Amazon (I am a Prime member) and a few stores that I know well, that I know have good customer service and have reliable products, like Costco, Kohl’s, Land’s End. Whatever I shop for, whenever, I try to avoid paying for shipping, either by meeting the requirement for free shipping or using a promo code for free shipping.

I buy clothes, shoes, books, some jewelry, and I troll Amazon often when something strikes my fancy. I have also purchased online pet supplies, crafting supplies, electronics, small items of furniture (Costco).

Becoming an Amazon Prime member has me purchasing more from Amazon, because Prime gives you free two day shipping (after paying the annual Prime fee) so instead of going out to a store, I know if I do it from the convenience of my computer, in two days time I’ll have the box in my office. Before becoming a Prime member, I found with Amazon that they usually had pretty fast regular shipping, which is free with a 25 dollar purchase. Usually I’d get my shipment within a week’s time from when the order was placed. Also with Prime you get free streaming movies, similar to Netflix, but I just got an HDMI cable so I haven’t tried that yet.

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Music (actual CD’s, not downloadable music), books, clothes.

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I don’t like shopping much, but I do find myself occasionally poring over various computer parts or other electronics and gadgety stuff.

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Electronic cigarette accessories

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Shoes, because my rheumatoid arthritis and plantar fasciitis require that I have really good arch support and few stores carry the orthotic shoes.

Clothing, because I am picky about styles and materials and do not fit into what most stores carry. Physical shopping is a waste of time weeding through the cheap, trendy crap to find one quality piece. Also, it makes my feet hurt (see above).

Health and beauty items I get from, because they seem to carry just about everything, so I don’t have to go to several different stores to find the specific products I like, since no one physical location has it all. I also like to use their user reviews and ingredients information to find new products.

We’ve also ordered kitchen gadgets and electronics online, again because what we specifically want is often hard to find locally.

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As much as possible, especially in the clothing realm. If I’m going to feel like weeping, I would rather do it at home. I do love being able to shop online for so much. Especially as there’s not much time to do so after work. To me, it’s worth anything I pay for shipping.

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Here’s what I purchased recently although I can’t say I like to shop for anything, anywhere.

A little manual timer on a string; I can wear it around my neck and remember to turn off the pot simmering on the stove.

Elastic shoe laces

A 6’ foam exercise mat for the floor.

A custom mug for a birthday present.

Organic henna shampoo and conditioner

Lavender body oil.

Nail clippers for Milo

“DIng”; time to rescue my potatoes, boiled and ready for potato salad, instead of one blackened saucepan.

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anything that isn’t so large that shipping would be prohibitive.

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@gailcalled – Oh! I need one of those! I’m always forgetting my brewing tea. Bitter iced tea is awful.

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@Seek_Kolinahr: Here.

Cheaper paying for this plus postage and handling and sales tax than for a new pot or pan. Mine are serious, heavy-duty expensive ones guaranteed to last for decades if I remember not to boil them dry.

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2 of my grand kids live in Scotland so lately I’ve been buying from amazon UK just to send them toys and gifts.
I do a lot of my shopping online. I even buy a lot of groceries online.

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@Judi My best friend lives in Wales, and I shop Amazon UK, too. :-)

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Over the past few days, I’ve been exploring parts of that I had no idea existed. They sell many non-perishable groceries. Who knew?! I didn’t. I also didn’t know that they have a system called “subscribe and save”. If a customer commits to receiving 5 subscription items on a regular basis and all on the same interval, i.e., every two months, then there is an additional savings of 15%.

I just ordered my favorite Mrs. Meyer’s laundry soap, loose leaf tea, granola bars, granola cereal, and breath mints.

And the shipping is free! I can’t begin to tell you what a boon that is living in Hawaii, and it’s so much cheaper. I feel like it’s Christmas.

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Oh, what a great idea, @gailcalled! I usually end up clipping a timer to the hem of my shirt. It works as long as you take care not to bump the “stop” button.

I shop online for books, mostly, but I’ve also been known to buy everything from calendars to cookware. I buy certain types of clothing items from online vendors whose products I know.

Basically anything I don’t actually have to see, feel, or try out in person is a potential online purchase if it’ll save my having to go into a store. (Self-contradictorily, the only stores I actually enjoy shopping in are bookstores and stationery and art supply stores.) A good year is one in which I never go near a shopping mall at all.

The issue of paying shipping charges that sometimes equal or exceed the item price is obviated when I use the free shipping that comes with Amazon Prime. My son gave me a Prime membership as a gift, and I calculated that I’d got his money’s worth out of it within just a few months.

@Hawaii_Jake, I also use the subscription service for items that I consume at a fairly steady, predictable pace, such as a favorite variety of tea. If a shipment comes due before you’re ready for it, you can change the ship date if you respond when you get the notice.

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Books by far since most bookstores don’t carry the ones I’m generally interested in. I also like to order small mechanical and electrical parts for some of my occasional hobbies.

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Specialty Foods, like mustards; beef jerky; certain sauces and cheeses.
Deodorant and other everyday items. With Amazon Prime you can buy all of the things you use daily—at good prices—and have it shipped free.
And, yes, sex toys.

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I mostly shop electronic gadgets because online store offers best price as compare to the retail outlet.

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