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What's the better option: a third-time reshipment or a credit to my card?

Asked by nettodo (473points) June 21st, 2014

I’ve been trying to buy some things online (laundry detergent, but that’s beside the point) and of course that means shipping it out from the warehouse to my house. Well, the first time I ordered and it shipped, the order was reported as “Damaged in Transit” by UPS. So, I called the seller, and they were willing to send another one out. However, this second time, the same damage occurred! (I should note that UPS intercepted the package before it got to my doorstep). So, I call the seller again and they were willing to either A) send one more reshipment, this time with careful instructions to the warehouse to pack it properly or B) credit the card I used back with the cost of the item and shipping. I took option A, but since it’s the weekend, they won’t be able to ship it out until Monday, and I’ve been reconsidering my choice of option. On top of that, I could probably drive to one of their physical locations later in the week and just get it there (weird thought pattern, I know). Which option would you have picked?

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I would take my money back and find another seller.

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Twice with the same shipping damage? Shame on the seller. I would buy it from another vendor.

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I say third time’s a charm. Try the third, but not a fourth.

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Honey honey… “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

Get the refund and head over to the superstore

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I used to watch how carelessly and violently the UPS handlers would toss packages 15 feet into the back of their trucks. When my Mom would have things delivered, she would always ask if it was being delivered by UPS, and if it was, she would ask the sender to choose a different deliverer.
One time, they delivered a safe to my Mom, and it had this huge dent in the corner. A safe! It weighed about 75 pounds, and was made of really hard metal, but UPS found a way to damage it.

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Hard to solely pin the blame on the reseller as I do know UPS is terrible for damaging goods in transit. But I would find another vendor who knows how to properly package and ship liquids through UPS.

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Yep, I;d take the credit and go buy your laundry detergent at the store.

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