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Pregnancy Pact?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) June 21st, 2008

Pregnancy Pact
So 18 girls in Glouster High School Massachusetts decided to make a pact to get pregnant. What is going through peoples heads these days. What is going on?? I am 17 and I wouldn’t even dream of wanting to be pregnant, and not because I would lose my life but because my baby would have no chance at a normal life. I seriously think kids my age and younger have no idea about life, and what its all about and what they can get into. One must also ask what about all those fathers???

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kids, one of nature’s more stubborn STD’s in the eyes of the average teen…

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Well I have this problem where I see conspiracies where there likely aren’t any. Having said that, I’ve recently been noticing for a while now that pregnancy is being portrayed more often and more positively in media. I wonder if its some sort of effort to boost population numbers.

As for this pact I think it’s completely nuts. I cant even imagine having a kid now not to mention when I was 17 or 18. I feel a bit bad for the kids that are going to be born out of this. On the other hand, if all works out well and the girls keep in touch it could be positive I suppose.

Edit: 24 year old homeless guy? Nevermind.

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“We found out one of the fathers is a 24-year-old homeless guy,” the principal says, shaking his head. Source

Obviously something was very wrong.

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I hope Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Further sees this thread. The lack of good judgment and maturity shown by these girls is a clear reason why teenagers need guidance.

The appalling thing to me was the idea of sleeping with a homeless guy to get knocked up. Yeah, there’s some good genetic material to choose for your child.

It was all so selfish—not about the rights and needs of the children at all, just about the selifh girls wanting perfect love.

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The parents of the girls need a kick in the a**, where are the parents? Are these girls following an example set by the parents? I’d be interested to know how many of the 17 are from single parent homes…

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@johnpowell – That is just disturbing.

@Marina – I agree these poor children for the most part are not going to have a very normal life. What happens when they find out how they came to be? It would just be shocking.

@allengreen – Yea that was my other problem the parents must be to blame somewhere. There is just no way. Where on Earht did they get the idea that having children was a good idea? And to make a pact with 18 others, to get pregnant when they still had full lives ahead of them?

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I really don’t even know how to begin seriously commenting on this….


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I read about this also. Another crazy thing is that the girls actually thought that they were going to just deal with this all together. One reporter even said that the high school had a daycare for the students’ kids.

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A pregnancy pact is insane. I have to say, though, assuming that a child’s life is going to be bad because he/she is borne of a teenage mother is not always the correct assumption. I got pregnant at age 17. I now have a smart, beautiful, endearing, and wonderful 15-year-old daughter. Parenting is a tremendous amount of work, regardless of age. There are plenty of mothers who delay childbearing only to become negligent or abusive parents. This teenage mother takes great offense to the notion that age is the reason one would be an unfit mother. While I would not encourage my daughter to have sex (much less a child) in her teens, I would trust that with the example of the life her dad and I have created for her, she will make a great life for herself, regardless of the challenges she faces.

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well I live in Gloucester, I don’t know any of those people in high school because I’m older but we were talking about today. This is just crazy…I just want to know why

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Wow, when I first heard this story yesterday I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I mean, how cool is it that a group of girls 16 and under were able to coordinate a mass pregnancy. SEVENTEEN people??? Awesome! I can’t even get FOUR friends of mine to agree on a place and time to get dinner, let alone start families. (And we’re 40)
Seriously, these girls have shown an incredible amount of foresight and planning that will totally be of use to them in the business world. So many people my age are apathetic and have no motivation. It so refreshing to hear a case of kids younger than me getting together, setting a goal, and moving 100% towards that goal. Decisiveness is a rare thing and these girls have it. If only our government had a fraction of the creativity and resourcefulness these girls have shown in getting pregnant we might actually have jobs and working public institutions.

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@wandagag Your comment to me seems a bit like admiring the provisioning skills of the wehrmacht in that you seem to have missed the main point that the girls are ruining theirs and their innocent children’s futures. To wit:

1/2 of all single mothers on welfare gave birth as teens.

2/3 of all teen mothers never finish high school (seriou impacting earning potential and career opportunities).

Children born to teen mothers are less likely to succeed in school, at greater risk of poverty, more likely to have health problems and to engage in problem behaviors.

Statistics are from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. The entire PDF is available here

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I saw this on the news yesterday too. How disturbing. Our society is in a shambles when 16 and under teens think its cool to get pregnant. I blame this on the parents for letting their kids get these stupid ideas in their heads. I blame the school & government for not having suitable sex education courses for teens that promote safe sex not just abstinence & talk about the consequences of teen pregnancy. Teens need condoms, period. I blame the media and pathetic role models like Nicole Richie, Britney & Jamie Lynn Spears, and Ashley Simpson for influencing young girls with their own teen pregnancies & shotgun weddings. And last but not least, I blame those girls for being so damn stupid.

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Is it possible this is just a joke of some kind? Pulling the collective legs of the press and everyone who believes this?

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I want to know more about this 24-year-old homeless guy. Really? Homeless?Maybe he’s just crashing on a friends couch for a couple weeks… And has extremely bad judgment.

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Maybe they’ll get a reality show and a bunch of money. After all, disfunction seems to be the #1 requirement for those shows.

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@Marina – I think you are missing wandagag’s sarcasm…

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@Trance24 What? Sarcasm with no tilde?~

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@Marina – Idk I could be wrong. If so my mistake.

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I think the main point here is that society (in general) has lost the values our parents and grand-parents grew up with, also, the lack of communication within the families, what happened is really disturbing…

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It really saddens me the way the world has become. I live with my grandparents, and I have had many talks about them and their childhood, and my parents and aunts and uncles childhoods. It all seemed so easy and laid back. Things were fun. You didn’t need to go out and find trouble to have a good time. A movie with friends, or going rollerskating was enough for them. You could trust your community and the people in it. There was sit down dinners, and family talk. These things that were once a normal everyday thing, has become a rarity. Things just seem to have gone a miss. What happened?

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kids need to wate till older thats my promise no sex till after marrage

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