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When you're unsure whether a post violates the guidelines, do you flag it?

Asked by longgone (16845points) September 13th, 2013

As asked.

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I only flag spam and blatant personal attacks that have nothing to do with the conversation. “you’re stupid for thinking that” I wouldn’t bother with. “I feel sorry for your children you arrogant windbag”, I would flag.

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It is of course important not to abuse the flagging feature with some petty, self serving dislike of particular members. Should only be done for the good of the site, in terms of a spoiled thread & such like.

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It seems like the only time I flag is when someone is a new user who is trying to use the site to advertise their own stuff. I will ignore a rant until I see a link to the site they’re trying to promote.

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I flag for spam and for text speak and really immature grammar and punctuation, like “im dreaming about a guy ummm he has dark hair btw hes my uncle. uncle jeff is hawt”

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I don’t flag that often these days. I think it’s better to leave the personal attacks for a bit so more people can see who was being the douchebag.

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I feel like @Judi does.

What we need it a flogging button for THOSE blatantly irritating posts.

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I always report flaming. Sorry to my friends, but I’ve reported a few people I really liked for flaming.

I hate personal attacks. I have lost my cool and done it a few times myself, so I totally understand the heat of the moment. But I don’t care how much the victim of the attack was asking for it. I have been on sites that I think allowing personal attacks to slip through was the main contributor to the downfall of the site. So I flag all personal attacks—even if I secretly agree with them.

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@ucme, no smarm? I’m shocked!
I’ve only flagged spam. The cattiness I leave on because it makes the place feel less robotic and sterile.

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remember, every flag gives a mod a grey hair. Even PhiNotPi

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@drhat77 Serves you right for wearing blinkers then don’t it?

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I only flag shit posted by people I don’t like. I’m petty like that.

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@bob_ I’m petty with my GA’s. A GA for every monosyllabic eh from people I like, and NOTHING for my enemies, no matter how much sense they make.

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I try not to flag any posts, it irritates me.

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I rarely flag, and it’s probably for something that’s an ovbious adverisement.

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Without your flags, we couldn’t do our jobs nearly as well. We appreciate them!

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I don’t flag. Words are only words after all.

i think i did flag something very early on in my jellyhood but it was only because i was butthurt about being modded for something similar. sigh, growing pains

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All of the @augustlan ?

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Flagging people you don’t like, however popular, just screams out sad bastard, but there you go.

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Tempting, @ucme , tempting but I am not going to do it. Again

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@rojo . . . we’re all aware that @ucme is a huge flag

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All? Whoo-hoo, all girls together.

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Thank you, everyone. I never know what to define as flaming, but reading your answers helped a little.

@augustlan So…would the mods say “Better safe than sorry” here? Don’t you get an incredible amount of unnecessary flags?

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@longgone If you’re not sure, go ahead and flag it. All it does is prompt us to go take a look and see if it needs to be removed. We do get some unnecessary flags, but yes…better safe than sorry. :)

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@rojo There’s a good boy, surely destined to be another fail anyway.

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^^ Okay then :)

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<Rolls eyes>

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I don’t think that one should even have a ‘flagging’ mindset when posting online, because it’s a very dangerous slippery slope. I try not to log on to a site thinking “what should I flag today”. Something would really have to stand out to me, like a threat, personal attack, being drastically off topic in general or spam. There are sites which have no or little moderation, so I usually avoid those ones anyways.

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Oh, I’m not planning to do that. I think I’ve flagged once, up to now.

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I never flag anything, besides, it is usually already done, so why bother?
Enforcing the guidelines are the mods territory and I see excessive flagging to be controlling and childishly petty, right up there with those that ask certain people do not answer their Q’s. because they are so immature they cannot tolerate any sort of disagreement without feeling the need to control others expressions, good, bad, or indifferent.

It’s a big sandbox here, easy to take your bucket and shovel somewhere else if you don’t like the corner you find yourself in.

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Same people who whine on how difficult it is for the mods & how their job is hard enough without unnecessary stress, feel it’s okay to flag any shit from someone they don’t like.
Go figure!

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