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Are you able to express yourself about a work of art?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1143points) September 17th, 2013

Here is the topic :

You have been invited by l’Alliance Fran├žaise in Washington to choose the work of art that you consider to be the most representative of the 20th (or 21st century) for an exhibition entitled “Art from a French point of view” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
You must present the work of art as follows :

1) A presentation of the artist (Biographical details, influence, fame…)

2) A detailed description of the work of art.

3) An explanation of why this work of art is your choice for the exhibition.

Now it’s your turn.

Get creative in your text.

Have fun!

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These questions always seem too much like work…

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Agree. “Fun” would be the least thing I’d have. Now if you were talking about expressing myself about an old movie… that would be fun.

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If I had to, I could answer the questions and do the analysis and research necesary. And it wouldn’t be fun. Interesting, but not fun.

The thing that I have trouble with is describing why I like a particular work of art. Sometimes I can get as far as, “I like the way the colors go together,” or “Something about the shape is interesting,” but I can’t pinpoint it.

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I am, but luckily I don’t have to be. I wouldn’t enjoy it. In addition, I think assignments like this one are an excellent way to discourage appreciating art/music/literature for their own sake.

Are you asking these questions for a reason? Just curious.

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My answer: Holy shit, that’s fucking beautiful.

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My extensive education in the health sciences has not well equipped me with the specific concepts and language used in the field of fine arts.

I do enjoy and appreciate many types of photographs, paintings and sculptures and I can express what I like and why, but only in my own subset of language.

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“Nice drawing, I particularly like the way the crayon colouring stays within the lines of the froggy.”

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Too bad this is about 20th century art. I have a rough draft for a 19th century work here that could be tailored for whatever specific marketplace, purdied up a bit, and ready in about an hour. Now that was fun to write because it was true and off the cuff, but if there was any money in this I would simply take the idea over to a 20th century American piece, make up a little personal story, find some juice between the sculptor and the model, and send it in. But that’s a lot of trouble if thar’s no munny far me parse.

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There’s money to be won for the best.

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I could but I don’t really see the purpose of your questions. Sorry.

If I were going to write the essay, I would choose “Les Demoiselles D’Avignon” by Picasso and write about the stir it caused when it was first shown at an exhibition. That incident says a great deal about French aesthetics of the time.

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@Gifted_With_Languages Well, don’t keep it to yourself. Post the link. There are more than a few starving writers on this site. Let the competition begin.

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Go. Once I have read the best one, I’ll send the link to you. Everything’s ready.

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I’m not kidding. The money is ready for the best one. You can trust me. There is no point to lie.

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What are you waiting for?

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I don’t think you really get the purpose or the culture of this site. We either answer factual questions or pose questions for discussion, not essay type contest questions. Make look around a bit before posting more questions.

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Well, perhaps a link to some prize money is not forthcoming, but here are some other links:

I don’t get why these three-year old assignments are being reposted on Fluther. What’s the point?

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Edit: Meant “maybe” not “make”

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