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What could cause excessive burping?

Asked by DominicX (28803points) September 17th, 2013

Thought I might try and ask about this here.

Just an annoying problem that’s been happening to me recently: after eating something, no matter what is, I’ll be burping frequently for a long time after. I know I haven’t been eating any differently than usual, but this burping all the time thing is different and has been going on for several days. It was enough that my mom noticed and asked if something was wrong, so I know that it’s atypical. There’s no pain or anything associated with it, it’s more annoying and embarrassing than anything else, but I’m just curious about what may be causing it.

Any help is appreciated :)

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Do you have anxiety? This happened to my friend when she had anxiety and she started swallowing air which led to a lot of burping.

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No, can’t say I do. In fact, it was during a very stress-free vacation that I started noticing it. If I am swallowing air, I guess I don’t notice it happening.

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See whether the phenom. is associated with certain types of food; i.e. tomatoes, citrus, caffeine, chocolate, fried food or peppermint. That could be heartburn or GERD, which you don’t have until suddenly you do.

Burping is one of the symptoms.

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Aerophagia and reflux

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Sometimes I notice heartburn when I eat too late before going to bed; lying down seems to make it worse. But during the day, I don’t notice any heartburn, but the burping will still be there.

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Burping is just one symptom…the lying down stuff may be a confirmation.

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Sounds like reflux, have you tried treating it with anything otc?

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You could also try digestive enzymes of various sorts. Sometimes that will fix it. Beano is often used for such things. In my case, I have trouble digesting certain carbohydrates. Beano helped me when I tried it.

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@snowberry Digestive enzymes will only work for farting, not burping, as the air is swallowed, not created by bacteria. Lactase enzyme will work well for lactose intolerance. But I’ve had variable success using Beano. Some do well on it, and some it makes their bloating symptoms worse.

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Could be acid indigestion

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Yep @Rarebear I have talked to a lot of people who use digestive enzymes as well as my doctor. You never know which one will work for you. Beano used to work on me. Now I need a much broader range of digestive enzymes to be able to digest anything it seems. Finally I am using a combination of ox bile, pancreatin, protease, and a few others. I only buy that brand now because it works on me. I’ve tried other combinations, and always come back to this formulation.

About swallowing air, sometimes I have noticed a certain smell to some of my burps that indicates my food has been fermenting (the source of those burps) rather than digesting. Yuk.

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Actually, the food is not fermenting. Food takes many hours to start fermenting, and if your food is fermenting in your digestive track you’re in deep trouble (meaning you’re probably dead). What you’re tasting is probably just bile.

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@Rarebear no, not bile, it was gas, that smelled like fermenting yucky stuff. It used to happen, but not anymore. I used to urp up (you docs call it GERD) an awful lot. I had a doctor who insisted I was rotting out my esophagus with stomach acid, so I tested what came up with pH paper. It was close to the pH of water. I mostly don’t produce stomach acid of any sort which is why I take digestive enzymes. When I started them, the GERD or urping up stopped. I know what bile tastes like, and I never urped up bile but once.

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Hm. Well, I don’t agree with your old doctor, but I’m glad you’re feeling better.

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