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Would you please help me in finding a book of Japanese/Chinese style drawings/paintings of tigers, peacocks and things of that sort?

Asked by pleiades (6617points) September 20th, 2013

Just looking for a book that contains a ton of drawings/paintings of oriental influenced tigers, peacocks, dragons, flowers and things of that sort. Thanks so much!

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In a quick search, I found several sources of Japanese screen paintings, both in books and just in online images. Your best search keyword might be “screens.” Combine it with “Japanese” or “Chinese” and maybe “paintings” or “animal paintings.” Also try “byobu” paired with “animals.”

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It would be helpful if we knew why you were looking for the book. Is it meant to be a coffee table gift for someone? Are you trying to learn how to draw in these styles? Do you want to spend a little money, or a lot?

Here are a couple of interesting things I found in a quick search:

Decoded Messages: The Symbolic Language of Chinese Animal Painting
Hardcover 256 p., 9¾×11½, 200 colour illustrations.

Chinese Art and the Reeves Collection
Paperback 112 p., 8.6×10, over 100 colour illustrations. Description from the publisher

If you are looking for books on painting or drawing in the Chinese style, try a search like this

And since you say “of oriental influenced”, I am not sure you are actually looking for Asian art. Here is one of the better-known books on the Chinese influence on art and architecture in the Western world: Chinoiserie

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@glacial To study and practice from it. Not so much a tutorial but to observer intently.

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Have you tried the art sections of a local library? Or university library?

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You can also visit the Asian art section of a museum with your sketch pad. Are you near a museum?

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, for instance, has an outstanding collection of screens, including some very memorable tiger paintings. Here’s one. Like many other major museums, it publishes books on its collections. This is the one on Japanese art.

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