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Does anyone play Guild Wars? Should I?

Asked by bridold (638points) June 23rd, 2008

I’m thinking about buying that game. I’ve only ever played Diablo II on my PC, and I wanted to start to play something else. I found Guild Wars and I thought it sounded cool, but I know nothing about PC games. I also don’t want to play WOW since there is a monthly fee.

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I play GW! It’s definately free, and it’s an amazing game! The music is great, the graphics are lovely, the gameplay is cleverly challenging and the interaction online is one of the best parts. The people are generally (prays to heaven i’m right) nice, but there are always jokers in any online game :l

I reeeeeaaaaaaallly love this game :) There’s lots of expansions that are just as wonderfful, and they’re also making a GW 2, which will still be free, but will be new and improved !!

I would definately encourage you to buy it. If you wanna add me on there, my main username is Adventurer Kayle =D

Good luck gamehunting!

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Guild Wars is nice in the fact that there is no pay for play, but I bought a copy and wasn’t really thrilled with it. There’s not alot of explanation early in the game, and your basic character is fairly generic for all the customization you do in the beginning. I can’t comment on the graphics because my laptop is not built for gamming and my graphics card is useless. My recommendation is the hame Phantasy Star Universe. It also has a pay-for-play, but the depth of the gameplay and variety you can get into is exquisite. I’ve played previous games in the series (Phantasy Star Online for Gamecube) and i’ve read great reviews on this one. Two thumbs up.

If you’d rather just stay away from pay for play altogether, I would suggest just goolging ‘free mmorpg’ or something along those lines. There are tons of games out there, and while they may not look as nice as the better known tittles, there’s a lot to be said for gameplay.

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@kawaii ninja Thanks!! I’m definitely going to get it now :) When does the second one come out? Should I just wait for that?
I’ll add you when I get it! I think what I’ll do is download the trial first.

@Foolaholic Thank you, that was a great answer. I’ll def google that. I do want to stay away from pay-for-play

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Yaaaaaay =]
The new one comes out next year I think, try looking at
I dunno if you should wait for it or not, because it’ll be different, and the original is still good :)

I’m off now, cya!

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