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Do you think that what others think of you is none of your business?

Asked by gambitking (4196points) September 25th, 2013

I saw this statement in a list of motivational hodge-podge on a Facebook post and actually thought about it a bit. It’s actually kind of a profound thing, but I wanted to see what people think about this.

Do you agree to the statement “What others think of you is none of your business” ?

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No, but I don’t care what others think of me.

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A good reputation is priceless, and it can be destroyed so easily. Sometimes we destroy it ourselves. Other times it’s destroyed by other people (gossip, false allegations of a crime, etc.). If we are smart we manage our reputation and minimize the damage done to it.

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I don’t know about none of my business. It may be pointless to care, but still very definitely my business. Perhaps the definition thereof.

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I’ve been thinking about this statement too, as I keep seeing it on Facebook.

I’m not quite sure what to make of it. There are some people in my life that I want to have a good opinion of me, and if they don’t, I want to know why. This list includes my husband, my boss and her boss. (This is not all-inclusive, just who I can come up with offhand.) I want to be able set things to rights if I have offended them or done poor work. So in that case, I feel like it is my business to know what they think of me because it has a direct effect on my life.

@snowberry made a very good point about reputation. Certainly I want to have a reputation as a decent, honest, loyal person and I think that if there are important people in my life who don’t believe that, I would be upset. I would want to know the why so that I could present my thoughts and perspective. Again, only with the people who are important to me.

Even after typing all of that, I’m still not sure what I think about that statement as a generalization!

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What others think period is none of your business nor should it matter.

I believe in just taking care of my shit and letting all the rest sort itself out.

it has worked so far

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I care very much what other people think of me. If I’ve hurt or offended someone, I want to apologize and make amends. If I’ve done something unacceptable, I want to learn from my mistake. If I fail to help a person in need, I want to step up and fix that. If somebody’s defaming me, I will most certainly confront that individual with a cease-and-desist notice.

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Nothing It is all my fault. That’s why I ran away from my family and avoid them like the plague. I went as far as saying I am allergic to cranberries and ditched family get togethers.

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More a matter of some indifference.

Unless that thinking is plotting!

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Yes. I have always felt that way.

I also agree with @Blondesjon opinion.

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@cookieman . . . subtle and still so true

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@SadieMartinPaul that’s an amazing approach to have, don’t let anyone modify that under no circumstances.

For me personally, I’ve heard that quote on many different occasions and I do agree with it’s context as concerning yourself with what other’s think about will bring down your self-confidence make you upset and miserable, so as a result don’t entertain it, however I do agree with what @SadieMartinPaul as if I did offend someone I would want to make amends.

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I think EVERYTHING is my business, so yes, what people are saying about me is definitely my business.
I also think that if you don’t like me, then it’s totally your loss.

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I think reputation is very important. Knowing what other people think of me could very well be most beneficial.

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I slide with @Blondesjon here. It’s really none of my business what others think about me or anything.

But thinking is one thing. Saying it is another. I may not care. But I’d like to know. Not for the reasons you suppose though. I’ve always believed that any press is good press. So shout it from the rooftops, “Clyde is an ass!”. Saying such things will have the opposite effect that the accuser desires. It will only draw more attention to me. And if I don’t live up to the claims of the accuser, then the accuser is the one who ends up looking like an ass.

It’s kind of the Big Bad Wolf warning we got as children. We may have been afraid of him, but we wanted to know more about him. So much so that as we became adults, our fascination is projected upon the Wolf, leaving us to forget about Little Red Riding Who?

We’ve now elevated the Wolf to status of Deity, writing him into leading rolls of fictional books and movies, seeing his darkest side within ourselves, and realizing that Wolf ain’t so bad after all.

So make all the wild claims you possibly can about me. You’ve done me a great favor that no marketing campaign could ever accomplish. The legendary Scallywag owes his fame and glory to the accuser… The accuser that no one remembers.

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It’s none of your business.

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Others wouldn’t be thinking of me if it weren’t for me, so it is my business.

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No,but what the majority of people think does not matter to me.

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I agree with it as long as it’s not said out loud to you or if it’s gossiping. But to be honest, I always care what people think of me, even though I really shouldn’t.

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How does anyone control someone else’s thoughts? deeds and actions maybe, not what people think. If defamation or slander is one the cards then legal action is available “Truth is mental health” So if people think anything about you it’s irrelevant.

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It is your business, but you also can’t force them to tell you. What people think is theirs to share with whoever they want. But since it involves you, I think it is your business but they’re under no obligation to tell you.

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You cannot control what others think about you; what you can do is live your life to the best of your abilities so that anything negative will not be believable.

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It isn’t as long as they keep their views to themselves.

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To be honest I think that statements is just a poor justification for others to constantly talk about you behind your back. I totally disagree with it.

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