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What's the best social sharing plugin for WordPress?

Asked by JoseB (59points) September 29th, 2013

I want to add a social media buttons to posts on my website. I’m using one called “1-click Retweet/Share/Like” but don’t like the way it works/looks.


I want my buttons to appear on the top & bottom of my posts like the way uses theirs.

Anyone want to recommend a plugin? Would help if the plugin doesn’t force branding on you.

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I’ve never found one that really made me happy. :(
I tend to just write social media in by hand.

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Grrr. Thanks @ninjacolin but can’t do that. Need an app.

funkdaddy's avatar appears to use gigya, they have a wordpress plugin which seems to get mixed reviews. I’ve never used it.

I tend to do the same as @ninjacolin and just write them in manually for the themes, but I’ve used individual plugins for each I want to add with success as well (facebook, twitter, etc). I like it better than the “all in one” options that usually drop tons of markup in and always cause some other problems.

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Would it be difficult for a non-coder to write them in manually? Do you have to write them in for each post?

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are you using a WP install or are you using ?

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It can get messy if you’re not familiar with coding and the api.
Your best bet would probably be to try 3 or 4 different plugins and see which one suits you best.

Try add this.

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I’m not completely unfamiliar, but I’ll take your advice. Thanks!

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Well, pretty much header.php and footer.php is where you might want to consider adding in a line of code for each social media service you want represented.

Each Social service has it’s own embed code. (often referred to as a widget) Just google for them one at a time: (eg. embed for twitter)

Then stick the code in place where you want it to appear in the footer or header (or both) of every wp page.

or try googling for plugin reviews:

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@ninjacolin: You’re the man! But what if I just want them for posts? Also how do I get them to line up horizontally next to each other the way they do on most websites?

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That just requires some html , css and elbow knuckle grease to get them where and how you want them to appear.

Actually, sometimes it can be a lot of work including Javscript knowledge as many of the widgets don’t simply lay down and do what you want. The social companies have engineered their widgets to conform to very specific looks in order to preserve their branding.

It can be hell trying to get them to do what you want and unless you’re prepared to put in 5–8 hours of research, trial and error.. you had better just use a plugin that comes close to what you want.

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Sigh! Alright @ninjacolin. Going to start testing today. Thanks again for your thoughtful responses. Really appreciate it.

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