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How do I add persistent tooltips that have to be dismissed?

Asked by benseven (3189points) October 17th, 2008

I’ve been trying to find an example of what I mean to back up this question, but I’d like to show a balloon tooltip hovering near certain items on my new WP Blog (hosted on my own server) that shows without being moused over, and has to be clicked to be dismissed. Kind of like the custom tooltips on Ebuyer but showing by default?

Also, why is the ‘details’ box when you ask a question on here so ridiculously small? It’s only 2 lines tall in FF3!

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Are you programming these yourself, or looking for an existing script to do something similar?

I think the site was probably designed in Safari, where the small box was more attractive, less obtrusive, and could be resized at will once someone decided to write a question, just a guess

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Sorry I have no great answer. But I would ask the same.
More specifically what language are you programming in or are you proficient to program in. Alot of those types of bubbles are done with java or java script. I am sure there are other ways.
If you use javascript, I believe there is a property that is something like OnScreenLoad or OnPageLoad.(do this) Then you would have to write the code so that it would execute the bubble popping up. And of course a method to close the bubble as well.
I hope that would at least point you in the right direction. I have never created a balloon though, so I can not help you with that part.

Good luck.

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Cheers for the feedback.

The only language I’m actually full proficient in is HTML – though I have a working knowledge of hacking and remodeling others’ code in CSS and PHP, and some limited implementation of javascript like lightbox etc – so something similar that’s a pre-rolled solution I can tie in would be ideal, I won’t be capable enough to code in JS myself.

I typically work with Wordpress as a CMS, which has meant I’ve learnt a lot through modifying templates and hacking about with the CSS.


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