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Any horses that have caught your attention over the years?

Asked by ucme (50037points) October 2nd, 2013

Whether you owned one, or knew of a friend who had one.
Could be one from movies or TV, or just befriended a random pony in a field as a kid.

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In “Michael Clayton,” which I think is an absolutely perfect film, there’s a scene with horses that’s almost worth the price of the movie. Clayton (George Clooney) is a sad, troubled man doing a dirty job he hates and up to his ears in debt. in this scene, he stops on a country road to pat several peacefully grazing horses. Clooney has big, soulful eyes with long lashes which rather resemble the horses’ eyes, and we can see in them how much he yearns for a fresh start in life.

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I’m currently enamored with the Gypsy Vanner

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I have owned, known and loved many horses in my life. My 1st, was “Chocolate” a fat little copper palomino pony. he was my riding teacher at age 6. Then there was “Sugar” a white/gray Arab x mare that was my constant companion as a teen. Then “Ruby”, a stout, ex roping, foundation quarter horse, faster than lightening, he could go from 0 to 45mph. in about 10 seconds.

He was what’s known in the horse world as a “push button” horse.
He knew so many subtle ques that a novice rider would be left in the dust. He was way too much horse for most. haha
We were quite the adventure trail riding team for years.
My old friend had a Morgan mare and we would have the best time hitting the trails near our home, saddle bags packed with wine and french bread and hummus dip and would wander 10 miles or more into the deep woods on BLM logging trails.

I once almost took an arrow from a bow hunter who shot at us on trail I also have had a broken nose, various falls and injuries, including a destroyed shoulder that has a pin it it from my various equine escapades. I have been horseless for about 10 years now but have had some great adventures and loves with horses from my past.

@syz I love Gypsy Vanners, awesome horses!
I’m also a big fan of Fox trotters and Saddlebreds.

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That Gypsy Vanner looks like it should be singing The Final Countdown.

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I did some Equine therapy for a few months a couple of years ago. I ultimately decided it was fairly silly but I did enjoy being in the pasture with the horses.

I rode often as a child, mainly Western style and really loved it. Would like to get back to it.

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Candy, a palomino mare, got startled when 8-year-old me was riding her, and took off under a clothesline (which I broke with my throat), and a tree limb (which I broke with my nose), before dumping me in a barbed-wire fence. That certainly caught my attention.

I went to an ENT doctor last week for an exam, and as he fed a camera up my nose he said, “Um, did you know that you have a sizeable hole in the septum of your nose?” Yeah, I know.

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@thorninmud Haha…well, it’s never a matter of “if” when getting hurt by horses, just a matter of “when” and how bad. lol
The risks are well worth it IMO.

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Any three that I place my bets on, Melbourne cup is soon, I shall see nothing but horsies in the week prior.

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I used to ride a lot until about ten years ago. The last riding school I attended had an Arabian mare called Lulu. She was small (14.2hh) but headstrong and they would only allow experienced riders to ride her. I rode her quite a few times and loved her. She was a great jumper. When the school closed and the horses were all put up for sale I prayed to win the lottery that week so I could buy her. I wasn’t that lucky.

Another of my favourites was Stanley, a 17.1hh ex-police horse. He was the gentlest equine I have ever met. I only rode him once, but my daughter (all 4-foot-ten of her at the time) rode him regularly.

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As far as the best loking horses, I really like Akal-tekes.

My favorite, though? Miniature horses. They’re just so darn cute, and they can be housebroken.

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It’s all about the heavy horses for me, particularly the Clydesdale. I used to look after a Haflinger who was a wonderful little character. In fiction I love the horse from Brave and the horse from Mulan.

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Can’t think of a specific horse that caught my eye, but your question does immediately call to mind this very odd occurrence on QI.

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@Haleth Haha..cute, maybe my friend with mini-donkeys may want some little ass sweaters. lol

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Sarah Jessica Parker

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@Harold Whey-hey, wondered when she’d rear her long head, took longer than I thought.

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And hahahahaha @Harold!

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Well, there was that one filly in the third stall…........ but I digress.

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War Emblem I went to the Belmont Stakes in 2002 to see if he would earn the Triple Crown.



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