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Can you recommend me a GPS watch?

Asked by LDRSHIP (1790points) October 7th, 2013

I’ve been looking around for a cheap GPS watch. Just want pace/distance mainly. Anything else to me is just extra bonus. Not looking to spend a lot unless it is worth it. Like better GPS tracker or the like.

Prefer one that can tell me an accurate as possible CURRENT mile pace, not an average or something of sort.

I’ve looked at the Soleus, Nike and Garmin seem all pretty good. Although some are a bit pricey.

Also if you have personal experiences with GPS watches I’d like to know positives/negatives and brand.

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@Judi Besides the Motorola one, which I checked out, based on reviews it seems like a bad buy.

Most of them from what I read don’t do what I am looking for. They seem to focus measure heart rate, calories, sweat and what not. Not even sure I’d count some of them as GPS watches.

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I have 2 Timex GPS watches. One is about 8 years old and uses one AA battery and still is operational. A year ago I bought this one for $99 and is much smaller than my old Timex and has rechargeable batteries however it is programed poorly and difficult to operate. The accuracy and precision of them both is poor because they do not function well under cloudy skies or tree cover (here in Washington State there is a lot of both). I don’t use them often because the best that they can do is give me a crude estimate of my pace and distance.

My advice to you is to spend more money and get a Garmin Forerunner. My running buddies say good things about them. The extra money that you spend will be worth it.

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@gondwanalon Deng well that is disappointing to hear. I was interested in the Timex watch, but least I will dodge it for now. I am currently looking at the Garmin forerunner 10 and 110 both seem to be pretty solid choices. Do you now anything about the specific models? Big difference in quality or how well the GPS works? I notice your link sent me to the 210 model.

If anything I’ll just look around some more.

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Just a quick update. I called a store here in town, Fred Meyers they have the Garmin forerunner 10 and have a coupon for like 20 bucks off ends this weekend on top of that my buddies wife works there and can get a discount on it. Think I should I think it as a sign and grab it before the sale is over.

From what I have read on reviews it is a solid watch more simple, less features and what not, but gets the main things I need out of it. Pace,distance and time.

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